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Plan for the Future! Scooter & Power Chairs Assist the Elderly!

Updated on January 21, 2010
When I am old, I hope to live at the beach!
When I am old, I hope to live at the beach!

I was watching television yesterday afternoon and I noticed that most of the commercials that  aired were aimed towards the elderly, the unemployed, or individuals who are having financial difficulties. Yes, (as you may have already guessed) it was a weekday afternoon…when most people happen to be at work. I guess if you are not working on a Monday, then it is assumed that you fall into one of the before mentioned categories. I, however, work from home (I am self employed) so don't worry, I am not decrepit, unemployed or having financial troubles. Thanks for your concern, though.

One commercial in particular that was aired over and over again was an ad for the Scooter Store. The Scooter Store sells all types of scooters, power chairs and wheelchairs. Now I am not a mean spirited person, so when I laughed at the lady smiling and waving wildly as she drove her power chair in circles, I want you to know that I wasn't laughing AT HER…I was laughing at…well, the commercial itself. Now I understand that power chairs are an absolute god-send for disabled people, as well as the elderly. The commercial just seemed a bit over-the-top. The advertisement, however, must have accomplished what it set out to do as I am now curious about power chairs and how much they cost. After all, preparing for the future isn't a bad idea…is it?

Scooters & Power Chairs Aid the Elderly!

I hope that as I grow old I am still able to function. By function I mean walk on my own and drive until a ripe old age. I realize, however, that many older people cannot get around by themselves and need assistance. Enter the power chair! The Scooter store sells three lines of power chairs. Power chairs usually have six wheels and are steered by joystick control (think old fashioned video game…like Atari…geez, maybe I am old!). Most elderly people use their power chair in order to get around inside their home (scooters are usually used outside of the home). Power chairs have the remarkable ability to "turn on a dime" and have the wonderful capability to roll smoothly over carpeting with little to no trouble. Obviously, each of the three power chairs that the Scooter Store sells has its own personal set of bells and whistles…one of the biggest differences being how much weight each chair can handle. All three of the power chairs run on batteries (that, obviously, need to be charged in order for the chair to move).

Power chairs and scooters enable the elderly to stay active!
Power chairs and scooters enable the elderly to stay active!

Check With Your Insurance Company!

If you are considering buying a power chair it is a good idea to check with your insurance company BEFORE HAND as these chairs cost a LOT of money. The Jazzy 1170 XL Plus Power Chair (without insurance coverage) will cost you almost $10,000! That my friends, is expensive! I was always told that growing old costs a lot…wow, they weren't kidding! Thank goodness my Mom taught me well and I have been putting money into a retirement account for years! Obviously, I will need every dime I have saved! Most elderly people have Medicare (thank goodness). If Medicare approves your Power Chair claim, you will only have to pay approximately $975.00. The Scooter Store commercial states that if your claim is rejected, they will give a power chair…free of charge. Almost sounds too good to be true! I wonder if there is a catch?

Now the electric and portable scooters are a different story. First of all, most of the scooters that the Scooter Store sells are NOT reimbursable through Medicare. What that means is you better have a pretty penny in your savings account if you are interested in purchasing one of these bad boys. Scooters cost between $800 and $5,000 (a big difference so you should do your homework so that you know exactly what features you want before making your decision). Electric scooters usually have three or four wheels and are ideal for outside activities. Honestly, I can see how these scooters really come in handy and allow the disabled as well as older people to get around and stay active!

Get the BEST Price!

If you are interested in purchasing a power chair or electric scooter, good for you! Make sure that you do your homework and shop for the best price (as I said before, these babies are expensive!). Start your search for the perfect chair or scooter on the internet and be sure to ask a LOT of questions when talking with company representatives. I wouldn't be surprised if some companies will actually offer to beat competitor prices. In a way, I am glad that I chuckled at the scooter commercial on television. The commercial "woke me up" to what my future may hold. Honestly, as long as I am healthy and able to spend time with my friends and family I don't care if I have walk, ride a scooter, or use a power chair…as long as I'm still "in on the action" and able to enjoy life! Here's to mobility…at every age!


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