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Plasma Donation -- Benefits to Recipients

Updated on May 2, 2013
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I've had to learn some things in life the hard way; I'm just hoping my little bit of knowledge and experience can help others.


What Is Plasma?

A lot of people know how important it is to donate blood, but did you know that donating your plasma is just as important?

What is plasma? Plasma is the liquid portion of your blood. It consists mostly of water and small amounts of proteins.

What role does plasma play? Plasma plays a huge role in bodily functions, such as bleeding and warding off and controlling infections. The proteins found within your plasma are used to make a variety of medicines for people suffering from a large variety of life altering conditions.

Your plasma also contains fibers and other soluble clotting materials, this helps your body heal after an injury. Have you ever had a cut and as it heals you see a yellowish crust forming over the wound? Well, that’s your plasma.

Have you ever watched a medical drama show, and the doctor calls for O negative blood? Well, that’s because O negative, although not a common blood type, can be given to anyone, no matter what their blood type is. This is why it’s the first blood type yelled out in those drama shows.

One of the beautiful things about plasma and your donation… it doesn’t matter what your blood type is. Unlike blood, plasma from a donor can be given to anyone.

Many plasma donation centers participate in a variety of plasma programs; normal plasma, anti-Hepatitis B, Anti-D and Anti-Tetanus. These programs are based on a variety of vaccinations the donor may have had prior to donation.

Some plasma donors will fall into the “normal plasma” group, but you may be entered into one of the other groups:

· Anti-Hepatitis B– your body contains the Hepatitis B antibodies, from getting the Hepatitis B vaccination or have been exposed to Hepatitis B and formed your own natural antibodies

· Anti-D – Rho (D) Immune Globulin is an injection given to pregnant mothers during their pregnancy, and immediately after birth. This injection is very important for mothers and their child if they do not have matching Rh factors in their blood; I am O negative (Rh negative) and both of my children are Rh positive (O positive and A positive). This injection prevents thousands of infant deaths each year due to Rh incompatibility.

· Anti-Tetanus – If you’ve received a tetanus vaccine recently, you may be entered into this group. Tetanus immune globulin is used in the prophylaxis and treatment of the tetanus bacterium. Tetanus can cause lockjaw and affects thousands of people every year.

Plasma donation centers will also compensate you for your time. As a long-time donor, I can tell you that the cash payment is well worth it. I get a little “me” time to sit and read my book, make a little cash, and know that I’m helping others in the process.

If you’re considering donating plasma, please search for donation center near you check out my other hubs for more information on plasma donation and its process.

Happy donating!


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