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Plastic surgery gone really wrong

Updated on August 23, 2011

Is that really nice?

Plastic surgery gone wrong is ever growing category. There are a lot of proofs, photos and reports that celebrities somehow lost their ability to define beauty. Plastic surgery gone wrong is all about too heavy valet and too empty head. Plastic surgery gone wrong is proving that so called stars think they can stay young despite mother nature. We can observe 65 year old woman thinking she's 20 and hot. We can watch breasts of enormous sizes on once skinny chicks. We can "admire" plastic looking faces with no wrinkles at all at 65 years old male stars And that is just one - visual - point of view. Another point of view on plastic surgery gone bad details are health complications. They are not so rare. So what do you think? Are those operations worth that amount of money? Are they even necessary?


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    • Marko Lukan profile image

      Marko Lukan 6 years ago from Jesenice, Slovenia

      I think most of them don't...

    • nicred profile image

      nicred 6 years ago from Cape Town South Africa

      Wow that is so HAWT ! hehe just kidding - some people never know when to stop.