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Tips for Polyphasic sleeping training

Updated on June 11, 2013

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If you are studying, have a lot of work, or just like to party all night, Polyphasic sleep is the thing for you. And the best thing about is, is that you choose the amount of time you sleep. However some of types are difficult for people with set timetables and busy non-flexible planning, but there are many so, there should be one for everybody. Normal sleep is known as monophasic, while the most famous type is the Ubermensch, mentioned by Nietzsche in his books. The easiest way to cope with the lack of sleep is slowly get used to it by making up your own "transitional periods", where one slowly cuts down the hours of sleep and eases into the sleep method and then you can get used to it.
The following is makeshift table of all types.

Monophasic - 8 hours

Double episodes - two x 3.5 hour

Biphasic (90-minute nap) - 5 hours + 90 minute nap.

Biphasic (20-minute power nap) - 6 hours + 20 minute power nap.

Dual Core 1 - 3.5 + 1.5 hours + 20 minute power nap.

Dual Core 2 - 2.5 + 1.5 + 20 minute power naps.

Everyman 2x - 4.5 hours + 2x 20-minute power naps.

Everyman 3x - 3-3.5 + 2x 20-minute power naps.

Everyman 4-5x - 1.5 + 4-5x twenty-minute power naps.

Dymaxion - 4x 30-minute naps (every 6 hours).

Uberman (originally in German '√úbermensch') - 6x 20-minute naps (every 4 hours).

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