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“Pony Up and Shut Up Already” !

Updated on August 1, 2011
Travel thru Lightening
Travel thru Lightening | Source

I am writing this as the plane soars through super cells below the feet of the plane. The pilot in full speaking mode, telling passengers to adjust their seat belts and No the bathroom is not open yet. My journey began in earnest what seemed like a month or more ago as I made up my mind to visit family resting in the borough of Queens, N.Y. Before the start of this journey I should have become more attuned to its beginning of a natural disaster. I arrived at my take-off departure point as the rain came falling from the sky. Cardinal rule number # 1 – I always had a clear understanding as to never fly during any type of acclimate weather, and here I was with the plane on the tarmac preparing itself to enter into its hostile domain.. This prejudgment came about as I sat many a times in front of tube box watching others stranded and making preparations for a long days stay on the airport terminal’s floor.I sat heavy in the tight box seat that the plane offered me, my mind twisting the facts that just maybe everything will work out to be fine. Yet I could not remove the uncomfortably feeling that I felt resting deeply inside my mind.Before the inception of this worrisome feeling I thought I would treat myself to the first class section, a move I had always wanted to accomplish, but just was too afraid to do.I am a back seat kind of person, one who has no problems resting my soul in the rear of the plane. I do this because as the plane goes down the belief is that the majority of those passengers, who perish, are those who have sat in rows 1 thru 20 and the lucky number I hold today; unfortunately does not contain any of those. So I do consider myself to be fortunate since no one has informed me yet that the odds are so stacked up against me that my survivability rate was diminished to zero before these calculations could ever take into effect. Hey what odds do you have?Sometime ago I must have read this in one of those magazines tucked squarely into the back cushion of your air plane seat.As the plane moved thunderously down its runway path, I had the notion to remind myself again. Cardinal rule # 2, I never fly when it rains. The planes passage became a ride of turbulent hell as we rode a wind of cell storms which seemed to await us as if it knew somehow we were predestined for it.

A Bad Plane Ride !

Never Fly In The Rain !

We rode the waves of thunder; I once heard them say. Like this was just another common occurrence that it had to have its own theme name attached to it. Cardinal rule # 3, I never leave in the rain, I kept repeating to myself as the road of air became stronger than one could ever imagine. We all know that riding in a box seat offered by the airlines adds the ride of thrill better than your nearest amusement park could ever give to you, throw in some execrating fear and there you have it; your destination filled to nowhere.The ride did not last long, though they never do since the pilot is informing you of the calmness you should be portraying as the plane seeks to dodge away from the worst of it all.


Point of No Return !

Out of the blue and slicing through the tensed boredom is the voice of the pilot providing you with landing instructions. *Please place all seat tables back in there upright positions, stow away all your carry on belongs and shut down all your electronic sensitive equipment.*We are now at the point of no return as I need to prepare you to disembark the plane in a hurry up and wait mode, standing all together in awkward positions waiting which seems like an eternity. It seems to be all over now as the window in my mind comes back down to reality and it does not take me long to remember, my bags lost even though it seemed more like the reservation agent had hustled me into paying those extravagant baggage fee's. I am beyond hungry as all meals where suddenly dissipated from the airlines, more than thirsty after I was only allowed to drink one cup of water before it was collected for the trash receptacle, and more tired than ever as they cramped and tucked me in for a longer flight.

Where's The Money !

Where's the Money

It was“Pony Up and Shut Up" already when I quickly discovered why I hated to fly . As I lay-ed this question into the forefront of my mind , I was left pondering this and quietly lost all my excitement. My mood was taken aback as quickly as it came to me,it was time to stand in that line again of “hurry up and wait” to be counted and herded out to go through it all over again. "Must I uttering silently to myself !! The money was already on the table and it was to be a notable and clear cut winner - the airline your flying with !


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