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How To Make Your Poo Smell Nice

Updated on May 16, 2013
Take your toilet outside if you can!
Take your toilet outside if you can!

Are you wondering whether you can make your poo smell nicer? Are you curious about whether you can obtain a decent smelling poop? And is it possible to take a poop without offending everyone with your nauseating smelly poo fumes? We explore these situations on this page.

Is it possible to have a nicer smelling poo?

Yes it is possible to have a nicer smelling poo. But it could involve you changing your diet to produce a nicer smelling poo. You may even need to experiment a little. You know what goes in, must come out, and the most evil of poop smells comes from spices and artificial ingredients (ie: Colors and flavours). So, if you've been downing rich spicy foods, takeaway and processed foods, it's more likely you've been causing a big stink in the bathroom! Same goes if you've been eating under-cooked or fatty meats. However if you've just finished a great big bowl of fresh fruit salad for lunch, the chances are your poo won't be smelling too bad this afternoon.

So, it's sounds boring and utterly healthy - But by eating more whole foods, and ensuring your meat products are cooked to well done, you are most likely going to create less of a stink in the bathroom.

There are also some supplements reported to take some of the stink out of your poop, which you could talk to your Pharmacist about (If you're brake enough!) These include:

  • Flax meal/Flax seeds
  • Charcoal capsules

Now if you've had a tummy upset and you're poop is pouring out like chicken soup, the chances are you are going to completely stink the house down regardless of what you've eaten as your body is out of it's normal balance. It's times like that all you can do is try to mask the smell.

Wooden Essential Oil sticks adorn the sink...  For good reason!
Wooden Essential Oil sticks adorn the sink... For good reason! | Source

Who says you stink anyway?

Whether you realise it or not, you might have grown accustomed to the smell of your own poop. In fact, you may hardly notice the stench after you've been sitting on the toilet - and admit it, sometimes you could even kind of feel mildly comforted by or enjoy the smell of your own poo. Just as you could occasionally enjoy the stench from a good fart! But that definitely doesn't mean others in your bathroom, your house or your work place will feel the same way (Even slightly!). Sadly, they will probably not become accustomed to your bathroom stench. And you don't want to be known as a person with a truly offensive rotten-bottom, surely!

OK, I've done it. How do I mask it?

If you realise you've done a huge stinky poo poo, and you want to mask it to hide the obvious smell so that you are not overly offensive to others, there are some ways you can mask the smell while you're still on the toilet and while you are in the bathroom.

  • If you've dropped your first stink bomb into the bowl and you realise there is still more to come - Grab two handfuls of toilet paper quickly and make a temporary seal over the poop you've dropped into the bowl to attempt to contain the smell fumes. Repeat again after you've dropped your next bomb. Use enough toilet paper to mask your droppings without clogging the toilet - Or you'll be in a vastly worse situation.
  • Restrain from reaching for the "Air Freshener" can - This bad-taste perfume scent will only announce to the whole office or household that you've dropped a stinky one, and the scent may blend with your bad odor and magnify it 100 times - And those nearby to you may need to escape for oxygen.
  • If you really want to feel fresh after a poo - Start keeping a pack of baby-wipes in the bathroom. They will clean up every smear from your butt in way that no toilet paper can -do (Especially if you're really hairy down there)! and baby-wipes often come freshly-scented so you'll feel clean as a whistle after your dump.
  • Don't leave skid marks! Before you open the toilet door ensure to check the toilet bowl is clean after you've flushed. If it's not, use the scrubber (Or at least drop a wad of toilet paper on the skid so that it may exfoliate that spot when you flush it a second time).
  • Open a window slightly if you can. Or turn the exhaust fan on for a while if there is one.
  • Soap it up! A fresh soapy smell, even if it's just from splashing the soap around in the sink on purpose while you're washing your hands will ensure the bathroom is slightly more inviting.
  • If you have any say in the purchase of toilet cleaning products, choose scented gel, essential oil or soap type products (Blue toilet 'block' style tablets in the cistern are a great poop masker and may even hide some of the skid marks others leave behind) and a scented gel. Bleach will keep your loo bowl clean. Give your toilet bowl a scrub every few days. Stear clear of aerosol products though because they don't mask poop fumes very well at all.
  • Finally, if you're going for a dump, try to use the bathroom when it's not rush hour. Choose a time when you feel the coast may be clear for about 10 minutes at least so that you can do your business without fear of nauseating others... And if you're in a public restroom ensure you check your feet as you walk out as many a well groomed person has walked out of a public toilet with a trail of toilet paper attached to their show which they walk out the bathroom!

Also remember, everyone does really foul smelling stinky poos at times, no matter how good their diet, how fit their body, how goreous or hygenic they are - poops and farts will still come with varying degrees of stench! But sticking by the above you can be easier to live with when it happens!


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