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Portable Toilet: Is It Essential in Our Daily Life?

Updated on July 9, 2019
Sharif Mustajib profile image

Sharif Mustajib is a professional blogger. He is the founder and CEO of Best Portable Toilet, a sanitation tools reviewing website.

What is a Portable Toilet?

A portable toilet is also known as porta potty, porta loo, potty, etc. It's a mobile toilet. That means you can move it in the place you need. So, we can say- a portable toilet is a miniature version of the toilet and managed to move here and there. Generally, there is a commode, a waste tank, a freshwater tank, a flushing system. Those facilities vary depending on types and brands. We are going to discuss those types and facilities in the article along with identifying the aspects of usability of a portable toilet in our daily life!


Types of Portable Toilet

The mechanism and facilities vary depending on types. We can differentiate the portable toilet in 3 types generally:

  • Chemical portable toilet: the chemical portable toilet is widely famous nowadays. It uses chemicals to preserve waste for a particular time and reduce odors. It has a flush point to keep the space clean and it keeps the environment odor free which is designed similar to airplane lavatories. The toilet can be flushed either through a foot pump of handle pump. This circulates chemical through the toilet while dropping the waste into the tank.
  • Composting portable toilet: the composting portable toilet generally treats the waste into biodegradable elements. It composts human waste by the help of charcoal and some bio-catalyst. You can compare the process with decomposition or recycling. By evaporating the liquid it works in an eco-friendly way.
  • Long drop portable toilet: it's a semi-permanent method of using the toilet for occasions, events. For example, in the construction site and big event where the number of people needs instant toilet facilities. Such kind of toilet is provided there. It has a separate waste tank connected to the toilets. A plastic made or Tin made room it looks like. All the facilities are as same as a general toilet.

Comparison: Composting, Chemical and Long Drop Portable Toilet

Long Drop
Composting chemical toilet generally works as recycling process. It composts wastes into biodegradable elements
Chemical portable toilet uses chemicals to preserve wastes and controls odor of waste by chemical
Long Drop is a semipermanent version of composting toilet. It preserves wastes in a common tank. After a certain time, the tank can be emptied.
It's more eco-friendly
Less eco-friendly
Easy portable
Easy portable
Drop down toilet
Drop down toilet | Source

How does a portable toilet help us in our daily life?

In our daily life, a portable toilet has become an essential and handy tool. It eases us to manage particular tasks. Let's see how it helps us!

In physical disability:

In physical disability like injury, paralysis; a portable toilet is very useful. Specially, these three cases are the most common: Hemorrhoids, Hemiplegic Stroke, and Paralysis. The Hemorrhoids is also known as piles when the anus becomes unusual and bleeds frequently. The patient suffers severe pain during evacuation. And the Stroke and Paralysis is the situation when the patient cant's move without help. That's why those patients need a portable toilet. Physicians suggest it to senior citizens who can't use a regular toilet. Some of the portable toilets are made especially for physical disability. It provides easy seating and washing facility.

Camping toilet:

In camping, long drive, kayaking or hiking; a portable toilet provides you hassle-free activities. For example, you are having a primitive camping experience. At night, you have suddenly called by nature. It becomes a terrible experience to find nearly toilet. In such a case, a portable toilet is a blessing for you! The situating is kayaking or boat riding. In boat riding, you have to be careful about an environmental issue, otherwise, you will get a penalty from the coast guard. In such a case, a portable toilet is helpful.

For children:

the portable toilet is also very safe and handy for children. Children can't use adult's toilet. Because the commode size doesn't suit them. It is also unsafe for them. According to the American Society of Preventive Medicine, children who use a portable toilet are safe from 80% contagious diseases. There are various size and designs for children that attracts children. It reduces the complexity of parents. It also improves children's life skill. There are two types of children's: potty seat and potty chair.

The potty seat is the additional seat that can be set above the adult's toilet. It just adjusts the commode size to sit on the commode. And the potty chair is the miniature version of adult's portable toilet. You don't need to put it on an adult's commode.

Portable toilet is very handy tool for parent
Portable toilet is very handy tool for parent | Source

Does your child like a portable toilet?

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"In the last summer camping, my RV toilet enabled me to have full of enjoyment because I didn’t have to be tensed about my child's toilet issue." - Kathe jane

For Event or Construction site:

In a big event what is going to happen in a bid field, we need to set toilet facilities for the invited people. For example, in the inauguration ceremony of President Obama, there are 500 portable toilets have been set. In a construction site, the workers need toilet facilities nearly. To provide them this facility, the portable toilet is required. Generally, this kind of portable toilet (long drop) is hired. There are companies that provide this service.

Portable Toilet in US Presidential Program!

Guess, you are attending the inauguration program of US President! Suddenly, nature calls you! As the program is being held in a wide crowded field! How do you manage it? Yes! Organizers of former US president Barak Obama's presidential inauguration program considered the situation and set more than 5000 of mobile toilets there! The news covered by the world's top media!

An Interesting News!

A portable toilet is not only for the health issue but also for the security issue you need! On the Singapore Summit 2018 between the US and North Korea, the North Korean President Kim Jong Un brought his personal portable toilet because he suspected that his stools can be used by the US intelligence to explore his lifestyle!

How to dispose and wash a portable toilet?

What to Consider before Buying a Portable Toilet?

Before buying a portable toilet, you have to consider those things so that you can pick the best one for you:

  • Portability: As a portable toilet, the toilet should be light in weight. Generally, the portable toilets made of specialized polyethylene are light-weight. And of course, a suitable handle and useful bag should be there to carry easily.
  • Flushing Mechanism: Odor is the general concern for a camping toilet. Some of the portable toilets prevail such mechanism that doesn’t any odor at all. There and double seal to prevent odor. Sometimes you may find odor but it’s exceptional and caused by leakage. You should check the flushing mechanism. Because having a smart flushing mechanism gives you more relaxation.
  • SIze: Size also matters. Make sure that you are going to pick the portable toilet that adjusts with you.
  • Waste Disposal System: Check the waste disposal system. It depends on the price and brands. Some of the portable toilets prevail such mechanism that doesn’t have any odor at all. There and double seal to prevent odor

Use the chemical properly
Use the chemical properly | Source

How can I Make a Portable Toilet by Myself?


Q: Is a portable toilet expensive?

A: No, it costs between 20-150 USD.

Q: When does a child need a porta potty?

A: Generally the child aged between 6 months to 4 years needs a porta potty.

Q: How to use the chemicals in a chemical portable toilet?

A: Generally, the colors of a chemicals toilet are pink, blue and green. The pink chemical treats flush water and it has to add to the water tank. It also cleans out disposals. The blue/ green chemical melts the waster matter in the bowl. Use it in the waste tank.

Final Words!

Yes, there are some debates that whether a portable toilet is hygienic for health or not. To resolve it, I suggest you use a portable toilet first. Then you will get the answer! I get very positive remarks from my audiences. And the data provides that the rate or use of the portable toilet is increasing rapidly! Let's us know your experience. Share your experience in the comment section!

Would you use a portable toilet?

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      Informative article!


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