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Reasons Why You Should Take A Risk

Updated on September 26, 2012

Personal Development in Life Lessons

What are good reasons to take a risk in life? Why is the path to personal growth worth one's most strenuous effort? Let's answer these questions.

Because some things need to be experienced. Life is a deeply meaningful experience that doesn't get easier for those who choose to bypass its lessons. Mature people learn to embrace these lessons however they come and use their gleanings to produce better lives and situations for themselves. These lessons abound, social and emotional and spiritual, some happier than others and a few unavoidable. In the end though we see how necessary they were in making us more integrated persons. So we must learn not to question the occurrence of situations (because they come to everyone) and question our own response.

Taking Risks to Find Happiness

Because you'll miss out on your own enhancement. Have you ever tried to get friends to take part in their own surprise? They may have been wary of your intentions and fought you to start; but when they saw you creating a good experience for them, they went along with the process. Life is meaningful and good (or not hardly bad). Every day we have the privilege to enrich ourselves and conspire how to be happy. On occasion, life drops those chance opportunities right at our feet. Don’t ask why when it is easier to go with the flow and have fun, which leads to the next point...

A Strategy for Personal Growth

Because you don't need to know everything to act on some things. Relieve yourself from the need to have every move plotted. Have a little faith instead. In the beauty of life; in family and the good people around you; in the knowledge that God is good to all. Faith to simply step off the Cliff of Details allows us to be caught by all the unimaginable imagined things we thought we would never experience and were keeping ourselves from. Calculated moves are a good thing where it matters: in our professions and finances and major life decisions. It's not unlike building a house. But calculated moves take the joy out of making sandcastles. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Go on and leap!

Live Life to the Fullest

Because you'll open yourself to new things. Many of our most loved foods, sports, travel spots, and even acquaintances are the result of our trust in being led into new experiences. We should always be learning and participating in life. Even if that cuisine we’re eating is surely the first and last taste of it, at least you can say you tried it. I hate spiders (like many) but when I had the opportunity to hold a tarantula, there was no way I was not going to do it—not for the exotic flare only but, in a psychological (not psychotic) tactic, to desensitize myself to the fear (not sure it’s worked). But I now own that experience. Open yourself to the life that awaits you.

Now, do you agree that these are good reasons to take a risk?


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    • ithabise profile imageAUTHOR

      Michael S 

      8 years ago from Danville, VA

      I agree. We have to learn how to walk out of darkness and into the light sometimes. Looking forward to reading your hubs. Best...

    • qlcoach profile image

      Gary Eby 

      8 years ago from Cave Junction, Oregon

      Yes to the power of acceptance, letting go, and embracing the mystery of life. Enjoyed you Hub. I also believe that mental illness, addictions, and trauma need to be addressed so people can learn how to have a better life. This requires challenging negative emotions, thoughts, and actions with the positive. That's why I write about emotional recovery and miracles. Peace and Light...Gary.


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