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Positive Thinking - Yes You Can

Updated on September 23, 2014

The Difference Between Can and Can't

In spelling the only difference between can and can't is the apostrophe, but in ones thinking it can be miles apart.

A very strong motivator is want, when people want something they create ways to get it. They develop temporary skills that get them what they want.

The Power of Repetition

When growing up I recall being told "you can't do that and don't do that." These phrases were repeated so many times I started believing I really couldn't ----- (fill in the blank for yourself.)

When your minds recording these phrases, year after year, you don't have to wonder to much about why your automated response to situations is "I can't".

Changing Habits Changes Thinking

Telling someone to think positive means nothing. It takes a lot more than just telling someone to change, they have to want to change.

Much of negative thinking starts with negative habits. This is where change has to take place.

Have you ever heard of the victim mentality? People with this thought process, somewhere along the way, have decided that it's always someone else who is at fault - not them. This becomes an automated response to negative situations - it becomes a habit.

How about people who feel undeserving? Again, somewhere along the line they decided that they were not worthy of happiness, success, or good relationships, and this mentality became a habit.

The problem is...habits, good or bad, create a zone of comfort that becomes hard to break.

You Have Something Everybody Wants

Everyday they are after you. On television, on the radio, in newspapers, you have what advertisers want - your mind.

They Spend Billions for Your Mind

Advertisers spend billions of dollars each year to capture your attention. They only have 60 seconds or less to do this so they have to act fast.

So think about it, if they are willing to spend that much time and money to capture your thoughts, then what does this tell you when it comes to your mind? Your mind is what they're trying to change - it controls everything.

Are Emotions Enough to Change?

Wants, needs, anger, depression, jubilation - these are all emotions that cause reactions.

Some people have a once in a lifetime emotional experience that changes them for years and sometimes for life. Is this what it really takes to change?

Emotions are one type of motivation for change, but do you have to wait for that "once in a lifetime experience" before you can make changes? Of course not, so what else can we do to change bad habits?

The 3x5 Card Method

I've used the 3x5 card method successfully for years.

I'll give you a personal example. I always liked running, but I was a little overweight to really run fast. So one day I read about this whole positive thinking process and things you can do to change. And one of the techniques was the 3x5 card.

You write your goal down on a 3x5 card and look at it throughout the day. My goal on the card was to run a 5 minute mile. At the time I decided I wanted to run a 5 minute mile I was running a 9 minute mile; on a good day.

Here's the short of it - I looked at the card daily and little changes started to take place. I ate a little less, I trained a little harder, and I would time myself once a week and log the time on back of the card.

In 3 months I was down to a 7.5 minute mile. In 7 months I actually ran a 4.58 mile...the card method worked.

When I looked back at the process I realized it all had to do with positive mind training. When you keep flashing the card (which has your goal on it) your mind is forced to record it. From there habits slowly change to accomplish the goal. This is no different than when we first discussed being told as a child "you can't" - over and over again.

Some call it "reprogramming," you can call it whatever you want but what's important is it works.

Changes for Success

Have you ever heard "anything is possible with positive thinking," I don't think this is exactly the truth.

We Can't Change What We Are

The fastest human cannot outrun an ostrich; the two are designed differently.

The fastest human, using positive thinking, cannot outrun a tiger. But, a human can design a car that can outrun an ostrich and that is positive creative thinking.

You are successful by wanting to change, wanting to think positively but will you always be successful? No. What you will do is keep trying and looking for ways to accomplish what you want.

Positive thinking will keep you on tract to success. Obstacle are seen as challenges and challenges will be viewed as learn experiences. This is what positive thinking does for you, it makes the journey fun.

Join Us

Come and visit us at TG for more ideas about positive thinking.

Only you can make the changes necessary to change habits that are holding you back, why wait...


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