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Pound Melter: A Review

Updated on April 28, 2015

Pound Melter is a new weight loss system that doesn't depend on pills, difficult workouts that quickly lead to loss of motivation, or food restrictions that lead to stress. Instead, this natural nutrition-based program claims to offers an all-natural and easy to follow course, supported by scientific research, to quickly lose weight. The Pound Melter system is designed to use the natural weight loss properties of the recently discovered brown fat cells to burn fat.

What does Pound Melter contain?

Pound Melter, created by Paul Sanders, is essentially a PDF guide with the information, instructions and other resources to help you lose fat naturally by taking advantage of brown fat cells in the body. The Pound Melter system, currently downloadable at a discounted price of $39 from the official website, contains the following:

· Instructions for activating brown fat cells or the good fat cells that burn fat according to Harvard researcher.

· A step by step guide on how to destroy the fat-storing white fat cells on arms, legs, chest and stomach.

· Steps on how to strategically lower your body's internal temperature to activate brown fat cells and deactivate white fat cells.

· A guide on the cold foods that you can eat to get the brown fat cells to work.

All scientific research used to develop the Pound Melter system is also thoroughly explained in the book, so there is little reason to doubt the credibility of the program's core concept.

More About the Pound Melter System

The Pound Melter system is based on the effect of the newly discovered brown fat cells that scientists have only known about for a few years. (Harvard Researchers) [1] Have discovered that fat cells are of several kinds, namely brown fats and white fats. Thus far, brown fats were thought to be present only in infants. But recently it was found that adults also carry it around the heart, in the neck, brain and the spinal cord. It appears that because we are increasingly living in controlled temperatures, our bodies are needing less and less of the brown fats.

There is a significant different between the two types of fats. White fats store fat while brown fats burn them. UC Berkeley also recently published a (report) on the effect of cooler temperatures on these brown fat cells. According to the latest findings, exposure to colder temperatures leads to the formation of a protein that creates more brown fat cells. Brown fat cells have the task of keeping us warm by burning to keep our bodies warm. The report also mentions evidence that brown fat may have an impact on insulin resistance and metabolism, thereby (combating obesity and diabetes Type II).

It clearly follows that people who want to burn fat will want to have more brown fat cells than white fat cells in their body. The Pound Melter system aims to help you do just that. It suggests cold foods that can help you drop your body temperature by even a half degree to significantly activate brown fat-burning fat cells. The program is a nutrition-based one, aiming to help you (keep cool) [4] and burn between 300 to 400 calories a day by eating the right foods.

The Pound Melter program claims to have helped 88,000 users so far, but those who are dissatisfied with the guide are protected under the 60-day Money Back guarantee. Many people have found this an encouraging, easy to follow program that doesn't depend on expensive equipment, pills or self-deprivation.

The Creator of Pound Melter

Pound Melter was created by Paul Sanders, a 53-year old from Branson, Missouri. Sanders struggled with obesity and was at one time known as Big Paul around town. He was diagnosed with high cholesterol levels and pre-diabetes. During a particular visit his doctor warned him of an impending fatal heart attack potentially, at best, 15 months away. This diagnosis motivated Sanders to start on a diet regimen and he also bought a gym membership. After two months of the stressful diet and embarrassing workouts at the gym, the results were less than motivating. This led him to search for alternative ways to lose weight. During his research, he discovered the studies on the brown fat cells, and began to devise the methods of fat loss that he lists in the Pound Melter guide.

Sanders and countless others claim to have experienced great results with the Pound Melter system. You can try it out too, risk-free, and without compromising much on your current lifestyle. The program comes with a money back guarantee, and there is enough research to back it for popular use.


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