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Power of Concentration and Focus

Updated on November 18, 2013

California Forest

Trees in the flumes area of Magalia, CA
Trees in the flumes area of Magalia, CA | Source

Quick Concentration Technique

Do you have a hard time concentrating?  Today I will give you some pointers on how to remedy this situation. 

Concentrate on a little thing for 30 seconds to a minute, close your eyes and recall all you can about this thing. For example, the back of your hand.

Then do this for one minute with something else, for example, an intricate picture from a magazine. Concentrate on the photo for one minute and put the photo away. Get out a piece of paper and write down all that you remember from the picture. Then check your power of concentration against what you wrote on the paper.

When you prove to yourself that you are able to concentrate you will simultaneously realize that you also have a great memory, because concentration and memory are linked.

If you do these exercises often, you will increase your concentration skills and therefore your memory also.

Meditate to Gain Focus

This world rushes by so fast compared to 100 years ago, life is just fast paced. We are constantly being bombarded with messages in our daily life. Driving down the highway, there are billboards that we attempt to read out of curiosity while at the same time there are commercials on our radios blaring and quite possibly (if you are anything like me) also children in the car trying to grab your attention too. Usually all this is going on while the cell phone is ringing, which also adds the internal conflict of the legalities of answering that all important phone call while driving! So add to all the outward messages the internal dialog of your inner voice and/or critic...

No wonder our concentration levels are down! When you have multiple stimuli in your world grabbing at you from every direction, obviously you will not be able to concentrate on any one thing!

So first things first. In order to create a better mind for concentrating, you need to reduce your stimuli. Turn the radio off while driving when there are people in the car. Keep your cell phone turned off too, as it is illegal in many places now and obviously not even safe!

When at home, stop watching TV so much and start focusing inward more. (I know, I know. Glee is a great show and it is so hard not to tune in! LOL) Limit yourself on TV, do not have it on all the time "to keep you company". Learn to love moments of silence. Realize how special YOUR company is to have around. Learn to be at peace with yourself. Learn a simple meditation technique, such as the one below.

Meditate by closing your eyes, sit with your spine straight and focus on the 3rd eye area, just above your eyebrows in the middle. Just focus on this. Eventually you will see a little white light there in that space. When that happens, focus on that light. If you see nothing, focus on feeling peace and love.

Do this for a few minutes, maybe for 5 minutes the first night and build up to 10 minutes the second night and so on.

You will not experience anything remarkable for a while, maybe not for weeks or months. This is completely normal. Do not criticize or judge yourself. Every little noise will distract you from the birds outside, to the traffic or the sound of the central air system turning on. Just keep bringing your attention back to your breathing and your 3rd eye. That is it.

It is simple, extremely simple and also hard all at once.

Just never give up. Never. Try to do this at the same time every day or every night. The best times to meditate, according to famous Yoga Guru Paramahansa Yogananda, are at midnight and at 6am. These are times when most people are still sleeping and the world is relatively quiet.

If you can do this practice for a year you will have intense concentration powers beyond belief!

Once your concentration powers are stronger, your life will be way easier, more calm, and you will remain centered. Your level of mental and emotional clarity will rise as well.

Practice Mental Focus in Daily Life

Now by performing the exercises thus mentioned, you have proven to your subconscious mind that you are able to remember and therefore concentrate.  This is a very important skill to acquire.

Continue to gain mental clarity in your life by focusing on your goals.  See your family as happy and healthy, imagine this in your mind as being true now.  See yourself driving that new car you need, as if you are doing this right now.  Focus on that new house that you wish to live in, or focus on that new outfit you want to buy.

Whatever you wish to have in your life begins with mental focus and powers of concentration.

There is nothing in this world that was not first thought of in someone's mind.  Think about it.

Once you have this amazing skill, you will be able to not only concentrate and focus but also to visualize and imagine the life of your dreams!  Plus you will have an excellent memory too!

Here are some affirmations to help you with this:

I AM in control of my mind.

I AM grateful that I have an excellent memory.

I AM happy that my powers of concentration and focus increase every day.

Good luck with this and remember to be gentle with yourself and allow yourself grace.  The changes you want to make in your life are gradual and steady.

Bright Blessings to you always!


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Magalia, CA

Magalia, CA:
Magalia, CA, USA

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