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Practical Crystal Healing

Updated on November 26, 2007
Doc Rock will see you now.
Doc Rock will see you now.

What do you think of when you hear the words "crystal healing"? Do you think you can actually heal yourself with the suitable application of the right rock? In one sense, yes, you can.

There are many components that make up our health. The physical needs to be taken care of by a physician and yourself. But your emotions, your stress levels and your state of mind can also have just as profound an effect on your heath as pills and potions.

Practical crystal healing is letting rocks help you handle your stress, believe in your own body's powers to heal itself and enrich your inner self with their beauty and reassuring solidity. If you can handle your stress and not worry so much, you give pills and potions a great chance of doing their job to help you. Practical crystal healing should be used in conjunction with -- and not a substtute for -- conventional medicine.

No Need To Spend A Fortune

Quite frankly, any rock will do. You just have to like looking at it and holding it. Poilshed semi-precious stones are popular for this, but can get very pricey. You can use pieces set in jewelry or loose rocks. Quartz Crystal has the reputation of being the standard in crystal healing, but only get it if you want to and can afford it. One of my favorite pieces at home is an egg-shaped piece of marble. It is smooth, not too heavy and fits comfortably in my hand. It cost less than $5 (US).

You don't need a lot of expensive crystal healing books or videos, either. You won't heal yourself of stress by going broke. You need to use your intuition and aesthetic tastes in picking out one rock or crystal from another.

You can choose rocks, gemstones or crystals for their color (for color therapy or just that you like the color), their shape, their beauty or for emotions or associations triggered inside of you when you look at and handle "Doc Rock". Bringing home these rocks is like bringing home a bunch of flowers -- part of their healing is their beauty -- and, they won't wilt.

Living in a beautiful home (or a home with beauty in it) will help your peace of mind, lower your stress and make you healthier and more optimistic.

For Meditation

Meditation is one of the best things you can do in order to lower your stress levels and help gain serenity. But stilling your mind is easier said than done. And then you are stressed because you can't meditate. Pick a bright shiney rock or piece of jewelry with a lot of intersting veining, lines and sparkles. Just look into it and get absorbed in studying all of the little details. Don;t think now -- but you are meditating!

For Calming Down

One of the things I do when I feel panic coming on is look at my amber ring. It's a bright, shiney object that distracts me enough to calm down. Bright shiney objects are enchanting and claming. Bright shieny rocks don't calm everyone down, but if they calm you down, be sure to have one nearby in your home to handle when you are upset or hyper.

Soon, your subconscious will associate the sight of that rock with calming down. Over time, you might not even need to handle the rock any more -- just glancing at it might help you calm down.

And you don't need the rock, although it helps. I have a postcard of Columbian emeralds in my bedroom to help me relax. I associate emeralds with good things growing, like plants, cash dollars and tea bushes. However, I can't afford a real emerald. The photo helps me because over the years I associate that photo with my sanctuary in my bedroom.

For Reflexology

If you are learning reflexology, it can be hard on the hands to keep up the pressure points or massage on various body parts. Try a smooth rock. Even if you put a bunch of smooth pebbles in a foot bath and run the soles of your feet over them, you will feel really good.

Experiment with what rubbing a rock where makes you feel calm and content. (Just do it in private!)

For Remebering

You can help lower your stress by remembering to take pills on time, pay your bills on time, or remember where you put that CD. This is a problem for me, as I not only loose my to do lists, I often forget what I was going to write about in apoem, story or article. Taking a deep breath and fiddling with a smooth rock or a peice of bejeweled jewelrey can calm me down enough to meditate. Not always, but sometimes I suddenly remember what I was trying to remember just a few minutes before.

For Adding Their Good Vibes

Everything puts out vibrations -- some feel good, some not. Rocks are usually considered guardians of treasure and all kinds of general good stuff. Try asking a small rock or gemstone to protect your person and keep it in your pocket. You could also ask a small rock to give more potency to your medicines and keep them with your medicines.

It's your powers of belief that helps more than the actual rock. But the rocks can help make you smile and help give that much more specialness to your life, making you want to live.

Experiement with rocks and crystals to see how they can benefit your peace of mind and lower your stress. This is all a great help in keep ing healthy.

One unique way of displaying your rock collection. (Actually, this is a complicated chakra balancing layout). Film by colorslwy


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  • RenaSherwood profile image

    RenaSherwood 10 years ago

    Um (blush) thanks! :-)

  • vaidy19 profile image

    vaidy19 10 years ago from Chennai, India

    Your piece set me thinking. I feel that, apart from wanting to share useful information with us, you are also a very caring person.