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Practical Diet and Fitness Strategy for Busy People

Updated on June 21, 2018
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I'm passionately interested in the arts, especially drawing and painting. I work as a professional web developer.

Some people try very fancy strategies to lose extra fat and stay slim, but not everyone has the time and energy keep living by some extremely rigorous and complex set of rules for eating and exercise. Join me, as we explore some fundamentals of healthy food and lifestyle and how to find a way to permanently incorporate positive change that is easy to maintain for the long-run.

What Is The Best Diet?

These days the internet is flooded with advice on how to quickly and easily lose weight, or get a perfectly fit body, but that is often just misleading information. It is very important to define in which case this strategy that I’m writing about would work best, because people often have very different motifs.

Two Types of Weight Losers

One can argue that people that care about diet can be divided in two broad groups regarding their ambitions, goals and strategies. The first group are the opportunists, people that just want to quick and easy results, looking for the best opportunities and the shortest way to achieve that. They want to look good whey they show up on the beach with a swimming suit, and want positive comments from other people about their looks and character, because they successfully manage their body weight. Sometimes people end up in this group just because diet is not on their priority list, and although they may be generally disciplined and smart, they have never put some time and effort to take care of their own body. If you find yourself to be in this group, please reconsider your motifs and read about the other group that I will describe next. First try to shift you mental attitude to be more in the following group, and you will be less susceptible to weight-loss scams and false promises.

In the other group I will put everyone else, generally people that value their health and well being and want a more long term solution. Because, there are many diet plans out there but the people from group 1, may even briefly lose weight following a very fancy , out of this world diet plan, just to get all the weight back with maybe few more extra health issues in just a couple of weeks of stopping to follow the diet plan. People in group 2 have often done some sports even if that was for some short period in their life, or even at a very recreational level, but the point is – they appreciate what their body is capable for if treated properly.

This Strategy is Not Advice for Professional Athletes

Now, this article is not for professional athletes. They need to take very seriously all the issues regarding diet and training, and that is Okay, because they spend many hours each day making sure they are flowing the best plans in great detail. However, for most common people that don’t have sports related job, or a job that is not very physically demanding, such a lifestyle can be overwhelming when combined with all the other responsibilities they have on a daily basis. What often happens to people that set unrealistic diet and exercise plans is they get very frustrated quite quickly and lose at the long-run game. If you are just a normal person that wants to take a proactive and responsible attitude towards your body, fitness and diet, this article is meant exactly for you. We all have tons of to-do items on our lists, so what is the least demanding, long term healthy solution for a energetic, healthy and good looking body?

Long-term Benefits are Much More Valuable

The long-run perspective makes some things important, for example, any long term strategy should not require too much time and energy daily, or you will soon end up abandoning it. Also it should be at least somewhat flexible, because we are not robots and unexpected things happen all the time. You should be able make a small break, and later continue, or just get more strict or less strict depending on other situations in your life. All this doesn’t mean it should be super easy, or that you shouldn’t take it seriously. An approach that is not dependent on perfect execution is more likely to stay with you longer.

Keep reading...

This was an introduction, and hopefully helped you grasp the idea, spirit and philosophy behind the practical advice I will write about in the next article. It will give you the minimum basic knowledge and some simple practices that you can use to win the "weight control" game forever.

Read the practical advice here.


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