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5 Effective DIY Workouts Without Any Equipment

Updated on December 7, 2018
Step 2: Pull stomach in towards the spine
Step 2: Pull stomach in towards the spine

No workout equipment? No problem!

There is place and time for everything but oftentimes people are discouraged to workout thinking they do not have the necessary equipment. Did you know there are workouts that give results minus the equipment?

1. Stomach Vacuums

Stomach vacuums is popularized by weightlifters is one of those belly busting workout which can be done anywhere. No matter how busy one is, there is no excuse not to be able to do it because it can be done simultaneously with other daily activities.

Stomach vacuums can be performed while working on the computer, reading a book, watching TV and while doing household chores. Stomach vacuums are effective in decreasing the midsection by 2-4 inches. If done daily, it helps firm up abdominal muscles and decrease the waist diameter. It is also deemed effective to tighten up loose belly.

Bodybuilders often do stomach vacuums. The target spot for this exercise move is the transverse muscles which is responsible for holding in the abdominal organs.

How to do Stomach Vacuums

Any person can do the stomach vacuums. Here are the easy steps; blow out all the air from the lungs while simultaneously sucking in the stomach until if feels like it is almost near the spine; hold this position for a few seconds then slowly release. Repeat this exercise for few more sessions.

Start doing this 5 minutes each day and gradually increase if it suits one well. It is normal to feel some kind of after burn in the stomach area. Since the core ab muscles are being worked out, it is normal to feel this. The best thing about stomach vacuums is that they can be done anytime and anywhere without any equipment.

2. Take a brisk walk

Think setting aside 30 minutes is too much to fit into your busy life? Briskwalking is an easy and relatively low-impact exercise that can be easily fitted into a busy lifestyle. Shedding a couple hundred of calories for a 30-minute brisk walk is well worth the effort.

Brisk walking is so user-friendly that there is no more need to use any fancy equipment or to drop by a gym. If there is no time to spare, why not wake up 30 minutes earlier for three days in a week and walk in faster pace. No need to walk anywhere far when it is possible to do it around the neighborhood. To make this pocket exercise safe wearing proper shoes is advised to prevent any foot or knee injury. The 30-minutes will be time well-spent.

How to do the perfect plank

3. Bust a plank

Planks is one of those no-impact workouts that anyone can do with zero equipment. Planks works effectively to strengthen not only the core muscles but also the shoulders, arms and legs if done properly. As a total body workout, performing planks regularly (3-5 times per week) will give one the best results. It can easily be part of a home workout routine for anyone with just a couple of minutes to spare. Results such as firm core, toned upper body and arms will be seen in after only a matter of weeks.

Beginners can start planks by doing 15-second and gradually increase the duration to 30-seconds and longer as long as the core muscles can handle it. It can be difficult at first but it will only get easier with time. It is going to work wonders for the whole body if one will stick to it long enough.

Pushups for beginners

4. Pushups

Pushups is another zero equipment workout which is another perfect way to strengthen not only the upper body (shoulders, back muscles, triceps and the chest) but the core and legs if done properly. If toned arms without the weights is one's goal, doing regular pushups is the answer to define those guns. In fact, a toned and leaner look in no time can be achieved by just doing pushups at home.

Beginners can choose to do a variation such as the half push up. Full pushup are perfect once the core is strong enough to carry one's whole weight. It does not take up a lot of time to complete a push up routine. A couple of minutes is all one needs. Aim to perform 3 sets of 12 reps right before hitting the shower. In no time, that body will shape up fine!

5. Standing crunches

The standing crunch is made famous by Shaun T in his Hip Hop Abs exercise program. Grab a copy of this fabulous workout series and get to learn about the technique. After mastering this move, you will never break your back doing sit-ups again. Give it a try.

Standing crunches can be done anywhere (as long as it won't be awkward). In fact, anyone can do it while waiting in line anywhere! It is as simple as executing a cool dance move. Do the standing crunch during lunch breaks, and even whole doing your favorite moves in the dance floor at any party! Perfect when this move is done to the tune of the latest craze in dance music.

© 2010 Shan Moore


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