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Pregnancy Pillows - Essential Pregnancy Item

Updated on July 20, 2010

Why would anyone need a special pregnancy pillow? You may be wondering. Everybody knows that after having a newborn baby you’re not likely to get much sleep, however many women don’t realize that this sleep deprivation actually starts in pregnancy. Aches and pains, an active baby, heartburn, constant trips to the toilet, restless legs and many other symptoms can make getting a good night’s sleep when you are pregnant very difficult. However there is a way to make sleep easier by buying a good quality pregnancy pillow.

So what exactly are pregnancy pillows and what makes them so much more special than a normal pillow? Pregnancy body pillows are designed to support your body while you sleep which can help to alleviate back pain, stiffness in your hips and joints and support your bump as it grows larger. Most pregnancy pillows are in the form of a long thick bolster, at least five feet long and can be used in whatever position makes sleep most comfortable. Many women use the pillow as support between their legs which alleviates hip and back pain and supports their bump at the same time. It can also be used to stop you from rolling over onto your back in the night, as sleeping on your back can reduce the blood supply to your fetus and cause you to feel dizzy on standing.

photo by doctorow on flickr
photo by doctorow on flickr

Why Buy a Pregnancy Pillow?

Many women say that their pregnancy body pillow was the best purchase the made for use during pregnancy as it makes such a difference in comfort to every night’s sleep. Back and hip pain is extremely common in pregnancy and is usually worse in the mornings after lying unsupported all night. A pregnancy sleep pillow both reduces the strain on your body and can also be used to make breast feeding more comfortable after your baby is born, so it is a great investment.

Pillows for pregnancy come in a range of designs with varying price tags. It is a good idea to read reviews of several different brands before you buy so you have more of an idea about what people liked and disliked about different pillows. The most expensive pregnancy pillow will not always be the best but usually buying a very cheap pillow is a false economy as it will not give sufficient support and your aches and pains will only get worse as your pregnancy progresses.

Types of Pregnancy Pillow

When deciding what type of pregnancy pillow to buy, first decide on the shape that will be most comfortable for you, depending on if you are aching in your lower back. Your hips, your shoulders or all over! The bolster shape is the most common and popular, as you can bend it into different shapes. There are also U-shaped pregnancy pillows which support the back and front of your body at the same time or you may prefer a pregnancy wedge pillow such as the Boppy pregnancy pillow which can be used between your knees or under your belly for support. The wedge shape is perfect for women who find many pregnancy pillows too large and would rather be close to their partners in bed than a pillow, no matter how comfortable! For additional head and neck support, try a C-shape like the Snoogle pregnancy pillow.

You should also consider the materials that make up the pregnancy support pillow you choose. Down pillows are luxurious but usually not suitable for women with allergies and some people prefer the springy nature of a fiberfill pregnancy pillow which is hypoallergenic and will also hold its shape better. Most brands of pillows come with separately available pregnancy pillow case covers so you can choose a color that fits the décor of your bedroom.

Good pregnancy pillows will support your knees, your back and bump as you require, and prevent you from rolling onto your back while you are asleep which can reduce blood flow, without restricting movement. The best models frequently receive awards from pregnancy and parenting magazines and are recommended by midwives. You should also look for a model which doubles as a nursing pillow for support when you are breast feeding which can also cause back ache and increase aches and pains if you are not in a comfortable position.


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      pregnancy pillows reviews 

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      Well i also think this is essential item for pregnant women.


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