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Pregnancy Warning Signs and Symptoms

Updated on January 29, 2010

Pregnancy symptoms: When to call your doctor?

If you notice any of the following pregnancy warning signs and symptoms, contact your doctor immediately. Pregnancy is a very extraordinary time for you as the expectant mother and your partner. Knowing what is happening to you and your growing baby during the weeks ahead will help you both to enjoy this happy period in your life. Most women experience the normal discomforts that take place during pregnancy. However, sometimes there can be complications that need immediate medical attention.

pregnancy warning signs
pregnancy warning signs

1. Warning signs and symptoms of preterm labor:

If a pregnant women experiences any of the following warning signs and symptoms, she should call her doctor immediately.

Preterm labor:

  • Contractions more han 4 occurring in an hour. Women can experience false labor contractions in mid to late pregnancy but these are infrequent and irregular. Five or more contractions within sixty minutes is a sign of a problem.
  • Menstrual like cramps may come and go or be constant.
  • Abdominal cramps may occur with or without diarrhea.
  • Low backache comes and goes or is constant.
  • Pelvic pressure feels like the baby is pushing down.

Change in vaginal discharge: A sudden increase in the amount or may become more mucous like, watery, or slightly blood tinged.

Leaking odorless fluid that does not smell like urine is a sign a woman is leaking amniotic fluid

2. Vaginal bleeding:

Bright red vaginal bleeding is not normal. Always report vaginal bleeding to your doctor. This can be a warning sign and symptom of pregnancy.

3. Abdominal pain: Abdominal pain needs immediate medical attention.

4. Decreased fetal movement:

  • Decreased fetal movement: You may choose to use a fetal activity chart the last few weeks of pregnancy to track movement.
  • Absence of movement or significant lessening of movement may be of concern. Call your health care provider immediately.


More Warning signs during pregnancy

5. Fever: Call your health care provider if you have a fever during pregnancy.

6. Headache: If headaches are severe and constant, report them to your doctor.

7. Urinary discomfort: This is also one of the warning signs and symptoms of pregnancy.

  • Frequency with small amounts.
  • Painful urination - This indicates a bladder or urinary tract infection. Call your doctor to receive the appropriate treatment.
  • Blood tinged urine.
  • Pus in urine.

8. Sudden gush of fluid from vagina: If this occurs early in pregnancy, get help immediately. This is a sign that your water is broken and the baby is on its way.

9. Body swelling: If you notice swollen ankles, hands, feet and wrist, call your doctor.

Labor and Delivery: Pregnancy Signs


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