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What To expect when youre expecting...

Updated on June 23, 2009

Signs Of Pregnancy:

There are several things to look for when trying to figure out if you have become pregnant. the first sign that most women look for is the late period or missed period all together. I personally believe that most women tend to know if it is going to be a pink line or a blue line before even attempting to pee on the itty bitty stick while shaking so badly because of them being nervous. Most women tend to purchase the test and take it before it is actually the right time to take it and end up coming back with a false negative because of the hormone rise not being at the correct level to show up in the at home kit. You will find that the kit you use at home and the kit you get in the doctors office are one in the same. If you come back negative on the at home kit wait it out just a few more days ( I know it sounds easier then it really is right?) Before attempting to take another test. I am one to learn from experience. Other signs that you may want to look for at the soreness of your breasts. This is typically a eye brow raiser to giving you a pretty good indication that something may be brewing. Another typical one is the fact that you smell something that you used to love and all of a sudden you cant stand to be in the same room as it while its cooking or being served. Each women responds differently to each and every pregnancy. Once you have a confirmed positive visit your OBGYN to confirm the test. These days more and more women are either miscarrying or delivering prematurely because of a common mistake that had been looked over. See Below For Further Information.

Signs Of Something A Mist:

There are many signs to look for while you are pregnant and carrying that little tiny baby in your ever growing belly. I first started to realize that something wasnt quite right when at 3 months I started to experience stomache pains and cramps and started to have contractions. My OBGYN however just chaulked it up to being my body changing and shrugged it off. I started to get morning sickness just at 2 weeks after conceiving, And remained to have morning sickness up until 3 weeks after I delivered my itty bitty baby. I had been experiencing alot of pressure and felt like I needed to Push at every single step I took while walking. I was experiencing some leakage and continued to tell my doctor I was having problems and it took one doctor to look at me and say something wasnt quite right and to admit me in the hospital.

Signs I had:

Stomach Pains


Back Pain






and the list goes on and on.

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After seeing a OBGYN That I typically had never seen before except for walking in the hallway at the doctors office, After taking a look at me and seeing just how much pain I was in he had a nurse walk with me over to the hospital observation area and had me hooked up to IV Fluids and to a contraction machine to measure the contractions I was having. At first they thought I needed to just drink some more fluid but after looking me over decided that they needed to have a sonogram to see how the baby was actually doing. After doing my first sonogram the doctor was in the hallway speaking with the nurses and I was in the room trying to contact my husband to tell him what was going on. After a few minutes they came back in with the sonogram machine and took another quick look and went back to speak with the doctor on the floor. This doctor then walks in the room and says I need you to sign this consent to have a Cesearen Delivery, (Looking at him like HUH, What Did I miss) I signed it reluctently and went back to calling my husband. While on the phone with him he told me he wanted to speak with the doctor to know what is going on and then the next thing I know Im being wheeled to the delivery room. Once inside they used the epideral to numb me up and then layed me down and with in minutes I hear the nurses telling me that he was out and they would have let me see him but he needed medical attention right away. I was too sleepy to really know what was going on, Aside from my noise itching profusly and the nice gentleman nurse itching it for me every 2 seconds. I then in turn went to the recovery room filled with about 15 people all recovering from some type of surgery. I then had to wait til I was able to feel my legs so that I could get moved to the normal floor. I went upstairs and I asked to see my baby. They told me I had to wait until I could sit up and walk and then I could. I made myself get out of bed shortly there after and 12 hours after I delivered I walked into a NICU room to see my poor little guy hooked up to machines and tape all over him. I didnt know what to expect at first but I was just glad he was alive. The rest I would deal with later. Unfortunetly my husband was unable to make it to me until the following day because of him driving truck and being stuck, But when he did we both knew we were in love.

After a couple days in the nicu he had to be transfered because his lungs werent progressing like they had expected them to do. He had some medicine to help them stay open and still was having issues with breathing. So they transfered him across the road a ways and discharged me to go home to rest. I wasnt able to rest with out seeing my poor baby. Several days later I was able to get out and see him. He didnt look any better really. The first time we went to see him at the new hospital they informed us that he had devoloped a brain bleed in his brain and that they were hoping it would resolve itself or if not it would do some damage and they didnt think they could stop it. So we prayed it would stop. It didnt. A common thing in premmies is a brain bleed because their brain has not fully devoloped when they were delivered. So after a couple days they do a spinal tap and remove some of the pressure. Then a few weeks later he devoloped a MRSA Staph Infection and almost died because of it. Eventually he got better thanks to one doctor (Thanks Dr Palmer) and 4 months later after his birth he was able to come home. But not before the diagnosis of Cerebal Palsy. Now we have autism also to deal with, and a few other issues but mostly just the cp. All common in premies also.


I just want you all to know that if you feel something is not quite right. Dont let anyone talk you out of it. Always go with your gut wether it is right or not is not here or there. You know your body better then anyone else and can tell when something isnt right there. I didnt do this and look where it got me. I owed a lot of my time to doctors and nurses who cared for him when I couldnt be there but still did the best I could or we could I should say. Some of you may say. I couldnt do it. I dont know how they could do. I truthfully didnt know I had it in me until it was all done and over with. Most of the months we spent there is all a blur to me and I pray that someone else may be reading this and know that someone else is here that had the same problems and is here to listen or to know that they are not alone. I certainly could have used someone else to lean on in my time of need. Just know that although sometimes it may be scary it will all work out in the end. Whether or not it is full term or preterm sometimes there is problems that you werent able to see coming. Just know there are more of us than you can imagine. Thanks for reading my story. I appreciate it. If I can alert one person with my story then Ive done my job and feel better about it. You can always look at the march of dimes website located here.

You can also check out this website sponsored thru the march of dimes to see other peoples stories. Thanks


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