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Pregnancy and the Weeks of Development: Week Six

Updated on October 15, 2011
Embryo at Six Weeks
Embryo at Six Weeks | Source

Week by Week Pregnancy

Although you are in week six of your pregnancy, the development of the baby has now reached the one month mile stone. At this point, your little bean is between 2 mm and 4 mm in length. By this point, you may have experienced a change in your weight. If you have not had a lot of nausea to deal with, you may have gained a couple pounds. If you have had extreme nausea, you can experience weight loss during the beginning of your pregnancy.

Your clothes may begin to fit a bit snug at this point as your body shifts to create a safe home for your baby to develop. The area of weight gain varies from women to women. Some women gain weight in their stomach area, while others gain most of their weight in their legs, face or breasts.

At this point, you may hear measurements referred to as CRL, or crown to rump length. This is how the measurements will occur on all sonograms. The CRL is determined by the length of the baby from the top of the head to the bottom of the rump. The actual size of the baby including legs will be longer.

Week six is the beginning of a phase known as the "embryonic period" which will continue until week ten of your pregnancy. This period signifies the growth of the embryo and is one of the most important periods during pregnancy. At this point, any birth defects can develop due to the rapid growth of the embryo. The brain chambers and the eyes begin to form in this week as well as the budding of arms and legs.

Things You Should Do at This Point in Your Pregnancy:

  • ยท Attend your first prenatal appointment

What will happen at the first prenatal appointment?

The first prenatal appointment is extremely important. The appointment involves a talking session followed by a few quick tests. The doctor or a nurse will sit down with you and ask a series of questions regarding your health, previous pregnancies, as well as the health history of your family.

Some of the questions asked are about:

  • History of pregnancies
  • How many previous pregnancies you have had
  • Any complications during previous pregnancies
  • Any family history of mental illness
  • Any family history of birth defects
  • Any family history of diabetes
  • Any weight issues
  • Dieting concerns
  • Exercise concerns
  • Medication you are taking
  • Any questions you may have

You will generally be given an information packet regarding pregnancy, your body and your baby. This information is extremely useful in learning what type of changes your body is going through and will continue to go through until the end of your 40 week journey. The doctor will also give you a slip for a prescription for prenatal vitamins.

Routine Tests for First Prenatal Appointment:

  • Pelvic exam
  • Breast exam
  • Blood tests
  • Pap smear
  • Ultrasound (depending on the doctor)

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