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7 More pregnancy tips on How to increase your chances of getting pregnant

Updated on June 5, 2011

how to become pregnant faster.

 Trying to conceive a child can be stressful. Especially if you have been trying for a long time. You don't need to give up hope just yet because there are a few things you can do for your body to help increase the chances of fertility.

1. If you smoke you must quit immediately. Smoking severely decreases fertility in both men and women.

2. Go to a doctor to make sure nothing is wrong with you or your spouse.  Yes it is scary but it must be done. It is better to know now then to wait it out so you can think about other plans. Such as a surrogate mother or adoption. There are many children out there who need love and just don't have that kind of support in their lives yet. It could possibly be your true calling. To be a mother or father to someone in need of just that.

3. Get into yoga. Yoga is an excellent form of exercise to help you become more aware of your body and how to handle every day stresses. You will be able to focus better and breathe more open and freely with continued use. There are also many postures that actually help increase your fertility and combat any knots you might have in certain parts of your abdomen which are probably causing you to not conceive yet. Here is a webstite that is aimed toward postures for fertility

4. Try going on a fast. Fasting is a great way to break free from addictions to food, alcohol, smoking, and other unhealthy habits you might have. If you are just starting out you might want to try a 5 day juice diet and from there you can move on to a 10 day juice diet the next month and after you completed 10 days you can wait another 2 months and try to do a full 30 day juice fast.

Juices to use during this time are

Cranberry juice, aloe juice, Naked juice, Orange juice, and even pineapple juice.

Be sure to drink lots of water during this time!

5. Relax. If you keep worrying yourself over not becoming pregnant yet you are only hurting yourself not helping. Stay relaxed and trust that your body will work for you once you work for it. Cut out the unhealthy habits so your body will feel more lively and able to conceive. You can't grow flowers in the winter snow. So you probably can't conceive if your bodies energies aren't as clean as they should be.

6 Try taking some herbs to help increase your chances.

Star anise is helpful in helping one conceive. You can google recipes to use it in as well.

Siberian Ginseng is another that will help you and your partner increase your fertility by sending a healthy blood flow through your organs

7. Buy yourself an ovulation kit at your local pharmacy. These kits test the days you are most fertile and you should use those days to your advantage.

I hope these tips become useful to you and I wish you the best of luck on your journey to become a parent!



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