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Prenatal Reminiscence

Updated on July 8, 2012

Heaven of Bliss:)

Prenatal footprints:)
Prenatal footprints:)

Heaven Of Bliss..

Year 2008, it was the time of year when most children are born. Now, that would explain why I seem to see beautiful women in their third trimester wherever I go. They just bring smile on my face and I start cherishing my memories. I had started a journal to record my experiences that ended up becoming a cute folder for my Aditya. It reads like a testimony of ups and down of life.

I painted myself a perfect family and home where Adi would come to live and grow. I was hoping to put off, if not deny, which was quite expected. In the midst of all the stress, I found comfort, peace in listening to old Hindi songs, sai aartis, I had grown up hearing my father and mother sing. When I listened to certain, most of my favourite songs, Aditya would seem to grow very still in my womb like he was also listening too. Our first bonding came through a shared love of music and that more than anything else makes us the most happy together even today.

We were listening to some of those songs especially on weekends, aditya was delighted and for some songs we dance to move along. His dance with all his favourite taps was surprisingly too good. He also has this identical habit of his father walk and sings. Simply wow, what a long way Aditya and I have come from that first moment of purest bliss when I tested positive on the stick test. Guess this is what motherhood feel heaven of bliss.

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