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Prenatal Testing

Updated on May 24, 2013

Are you curious about your baby’s health? Prenatal test is a good option to know about your baby’s progress but you must compare the risks and benefits of the prenatal test before having it.

You might be in tension by thinking about your baby’s health, then be relax because most of the babies are born in good physical shape. If u still want details you can consider prenatal test. Following type of prenatal tests are available:

Screening tests: Screening tests are risk free and most commonly used by every women having pregnancy. Such tests can only detect some regular problems and the results are not trustworthy. Some tests like blood test and ultrasound are common in pregnancies while some particular tests including first and second trimester tests are also used in some conditions.

Diagnostic tests: If your family past shows that your baby is at risk of having a genetic problem – or screening test specifies a possible complication, then you might be recommend to have a diagnostic test. Some of the diagnostic tests such as chorionic villus sampling involves a little risk of miscarriage.

Despite all of this technology also brings the change in medical field and lowers the risks. For example a new blood test is offered in some countries, it can define the baby’s health more clearly and without any risk of miscarriage. As this is not a diagnostic test, it is just a normal test but it will eliminate the need of further diagnostic testing.

Some questions you must consider

Before having prenatal tests you must consider following questions because some of the tests carry a little risk.

After Test results? If you test’s result are normal, this will release your strain. If the results shows any labor defect then what will you do? You have to take decision whether you are going to continue the pregnancy or you might going to plan some extra care in advance.

Is the results are truthful? No, it is not accurate, the accuracy of result is different from test to test. Every test have its own accuracy and inaccuracy.

Risks of the tests? Before having any test, compare the benefits and risks of the test. Possible risks of the test are pain, depression or miscarriage.

Now the choice is yours

Prenatal testing can provide useful information about your coming labor. Eventually, the decision is up to you. If you are interested in prenatal test, consult your doctor and discuss the benefits and risks involved in the test.


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