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Prescription Drug Marketing To The Public

Updated on March 24, 2011

Who is Targeted when Advertising Prescription Drugs to the Public?

The question is, “Should prescription drugs be advertised in the public?” In my opinion there is a pill being advertised for every ailment; each pill is going to fix all. I do not think that prescription drugs should be advertised in the public.

I believe that pharmaceutical companies have ulterior motives to advertising their drugs on television, in articles, via internet, and more. One of the most disturbing facts in regards to prescription drug marketing is that children are targeted as much as adults.

Savor the Innocents


Should Children Be Targeted In Prescription Drug Advertising?

What is this country coming to when children are the target of drug advertising (prescription or not). The innocents children are blessed with, which to be so endearing, special, and of the utmost importance seems much less important in our society now-a-days. In my opinion prescription drugs are being marketed like breakfast cereal. This is a very disturbing but seemingly accurate statement.

As long a money is made it does not seem important to the company’s advertising who they target, how they target them, or what the lasting effects might be. The pharmaceutical companies advertise direct to the consumer; even if the consumers are children. This is obvious in every area of advertisement including prescription drug advertisement.


Drug Marketing In the Past Compared To Now Days!

As I consider my grandmothers generation I realize that there was a time and place when a person did not have to have a substance to get going, one to keep going, and the one to stop going at the end of the day. People did not get medicated with prescription, illegal, or over the counter drugs for every illness big or small.

But times have changed and I am not happy about this particular transformation. I do not debate that there are times when prescription drugs are needed and necessary. But, the doctors are educated to know when those times are and what medications would be of assistance for any particular ailment.

Not that we shouldn’t educate ourselves on what effects, side effects, and lasting effects each drug prescribed or taken over-the-counter may have on us or on our children. But direct to consumer advertising of prescription drugs does not seem wise to me.

Is Consumer Advertising of Prescription Drugs Comparable to Drug Dealing?

The consumer advertising of prescription drugs seems like a subtle way of drug pushing/dealing to me. A person may not even be suffering from any illness or pain, but will see a commercial or read an article and succumb to the notion to try and attain that prescription drug from his or her doctor.

With the severity of substance abuse in the United States I feel that we should be careful not to advertise drugs (prescription or not). All types of drugs are already glorified in television, through movie stars substance use, music artists’ substance use, and much more all to make a dollar (or a million). Sadly I believe that this is the motive behind prescription drug marketing; rather than the true desire to help individuals, communities, and the United States as a whole.

One Last Though Regarding Consumer Advertising of Prescription Drugs!

It has been tested and determined that there is a rise in sells when advertising prescription drugs versus non advertised prescription drugs. My question would be, “Did these people truly need the drug that they saw advertised?”

We cannot go back to the ways of my grandmother’s generation when there was not a pill for all little ailments. But we can quit pushing ailments on people who may not have had them in the first place. With a little common sense and self evaluation maybe we could realize that as a country our behavior (including the consumer advertising of prescription drugs) will affect all upcoming generations.



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    • JaimeDawn76 profile image

      Jaime Dawn Thompson 6 years ago from Oregon

      VocalCoach-I was led to write on this subject due to a drug and alchohol class I took that opened my eyes to this subject. Thank You for your comment!

    • vocalcoach profile image

      Audrey Hunt 6 years ago from Nashville Tn.

      Jamie - You have provided us with something to think about. Marketing prescription drugs to the public is a dangerous thing to do. With so many, abusing drugs, this is an open invitation. Thank you for your hub. Rated up.