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Prescription Drugs - Help To Pay For Your Medications

Updated on July 11, 2012

We all know in today's economy, there are not many of us who are not struggling to afford health-care these days. Prescription Drugs alone can break the bank for some people, especially elders who lack Insurance. Myself, my employer just changed our plan this to year to a 'high-deductible' plan that does not cover any medications. This was a huge shock to me and I immediately panicked. Being in this situation forced me to look for other resources, and I'm so glad I did.


Prescription Assistance Programs

What do you do when your drugs have no generics? This is where it can become VERY expensive to buy your own medications. What most people do not realize is that there are programs out there that can help you. Whether it be a Patient or Prescription Assistance Program, Prescription Cards that offer discounts, or a Government Program...there is usually some way to get financial assistance. You just have to look for it. I was amazed at how many programs were actually out there.

For me, RX Outreach Medications has been a savior. I am still purchasing my generics at my pharmacy, as they are low-cost, but I also take a generic med that is priced as a brand-name drug. This ONE medication would have put me one step closer to poverty! I submitted an online application with my income level to RX Outreach, and within two days, I was ordering a ridiculously expensive drug for $20 per month's supply.

Please, if you do not have an Insurance prescription plan and need medication to remain healthy, do some research. Chances are, there is a program out there that is perfect for your situation. For a great directory on the resources that are out there, I suggest going to the link to the right. Good luck & God bless.


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