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Top Ways to Prevent Heart Attacks!

Updated on December 17, 2013

Keep this Heart Illuminating!


Heart Beats

Heart Beats
Heart Beats | Source

What's in an attack?

Someone very wisely said "What's in an attack and more so if its an heart attack?". But there is much more than just that to it. When there is a war, one country fights with the other, one state fights with another, one community fights with another and one person fights with another to ignite a war. This is all outer space, though not galactic space. But what happens when its inner space trouble?

Inner space is something within yourself and to stay protected from the inside is much more important than being protected from the outside. Inside is the fight of good against the bad cells. Inner space is still undefined and modern science is still trying to unravel the great space within. Still with whatever limited knowledge science has been able to garner yet, we can still help ourselves in preventing the worst disaster of life - HEART ATTACKS. It can come at anytime, anywhere and to anybody. It is lethal. Still as age grows the chances of getting it get brighter.

CAUSES of a Heart Attack?

Heart is the engine which keeps on the duty of pumping oxygen filled blood into the veins of the body and which in turn helps the body function properly. Heart Attack is usually caused mainly when oxygen rich blood to the heart gets blocked. This could be due to constriction of blood vessels and arteries leading to the heart. These constrictions could be due formation of plaque, high levels of cholesterol, gastroenteritis etc. This could either lead to constrictions or rupturing of tubes due to these formations. These are some of the common reasons of major failures, but there could be many other different reasons which could also lead to the heart attacks or its failure.

Heart Attack


Let's get Prepared!

Its time we all started a process of rejuvenation at every age of life. The purpose is to primarily realise the fact that we all can get caught in this tangle at anytime. So it is very important that we get prepared for this NOW!

Get Going!

1. Bear it in mind: It is very important to bear in mind that we can get subjected to an heart attack anytime and one should be prepared for it at anytime. Bearing in mind prepares the mind and body to encounter the effects of an attack at the very onset of it. With this mantra the mind gets stronger and helps an individual in overcoming this situation instantly. The mind helps the body stimulate the other cells in the body which in turn helps the body recover in such times.

2. Free any Stress: Stress is something which can cause immense damage to the body cells. Stress affects the mind and the mind affects the body. It is really essential that everyone takes off any stress that he has. Stress is mainly caused due to over thinking in matters of concern. It is apt not to allow the mind to wander on unwarranted topics.

3. Focus: One should get focussed on the work that one is doing, but in the process should not stress either body or mind. keeping focussed helps the mind and body in delivering its signal in a straight format making one aware of any malfunction immediately.

4. Listen to your body: The body provides various kinds of signals like aching muscles, breathlessness, stomach pain, headache, tooth pain, heart pain etc, which are indications of some or othe other malfunctioning inside the body. Listen to these indications minutely and it will help you understanding any risk at hand.

How to Prevent It!

However, to do all these we must learn some basic tricks:

1. Meditate: One should learn to meditate. Meditation keeps the mind in focus. It helps the mind to concentrate and concentration helps it to recognise any such indications inside the body. Meditation also the body maintain proper balances in almost everything inside it. Keep the mind healthy with meditation which will in turn help the body keep healthy. This is also helps in relieving stress. Do it everyday and regularly. Train the mind.

2. Exercise: While meditation is exercise of the mind, excercise itself keeps the body muscles in shape. If heart muscles are strong, these will help it in preventing from any collapse. Heart muscles can be made stronger by practising breathing exercises.

3. Morning Walk: Morning walk helps the body, lungs and heart receive fresh oxygen which is very important for the blood to carry nutrients to the cells of the body. When these cells receive adequate amount of oxygen, it helps it to remain healthy.

4. Healthy Food habits: Avoid high cholesterol food and eat food with high fibre content. This will help keeping at bay bad cholesterol and gaining good cholesterol.

Overdoing these should also be avoided. In no way should we overstress our body, mind and soul. Set all these free and lead a healthy and wealthy life. Get in shape NOW!

Recommendations of Foods for a Healthy Heart!

It's time to know!

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