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Prevent Heart Diseases, The Easy Way

Updated on May 11, 2011

The number of people who face risks of heart ailments is increasing day by day. Heart diseases top the chart among all the killer diseases. But, you can definitely prevent heart attack or heart ailments if you take a few steps:

- If you are a smoker, you should stop smoking forthwith. The toxic chemicals that enter your system when you smoke can cause immense harm to your health. Further, tobacco in any form is also harmful to your health.

- Experts repeatedly insist that you should have a good exercises regimen including cardiovascular exercises such as swimming, bicycling, jogging, running, etc. If you are not able to do any of these exercises, you are advised to do walking. The more you walk, better are chances of preventing heart ailments. Walking has been proved to reverse serious health conditions concerning heart. If you have already been attacked by a heart ailment, you should do normal walking. Otherwise, you should do brisk walking. Normal walking must be done for about 45 minutes daily whereas it is enough if you do brisk walking for about 20 minutes because brisk walking is an intensive exercise. At no point of time, you should do continuous walking for more than an hour. It is better if you do your walking exercises in the mornings because air will be fresh then. The ozone content present in the morning air will help a lot in improving your health.

- If exercises are not your cup of tea, you should ensure to have as much physical activity as possible. If you are a couch potato having a great desire to view all the Television programs, you should throw away the remote-control device. At least for changing the channels or for channel-surfing, you need to get up and go near the television. The point that is being emphasized here is that you should utilize every opportunity for indulging in some kind of physical activity or the other. Physical activities like climbing the steps instead of using elevators and lifts, walking to the shopping mall instead of using the car, walking your dog to the nearest park and so on can be done to burn your calories and live a healthy life.

- You should understand that happiness and contentment are in the mind and there is no use searching for them outside. If you think that happiness comes from the money you earn or from acquiring something you do not have now, you can not be more wrong. This kind of attitude causes tension and stress. A stress-free life is absolutely necessary for keeping away heart ailments. You can learn yoga, meditation and deep breathing exercises to manage your stress.

- You should remember that you should not shun fat. In fact, you need fats for your brain to function effectively. Bad fats like hydrogenated oil must not be used and instead, you can use more healthy oils like fish oil, coconut oil, olive oil or walnut oil. Eating fried items and deep-fried items should not be a regular affair. They can form a part of your cheat meals.

- You may have the wrong notion that saturated fats are harmful to health. It is not the saturated fats that cause heart problems. If your intake of processed foods, sugary items and refined carbohydrates are more, they may cause heart ailments. Processed foods contain chemical preservatives that will increase your body fat. Sugary foods add bad carbohydrates to your system and unburned calories of these sugary foods will increase your weight and fat. So, you should keep away from these foods as far as possible.

The above steps will help you to prevent heart ailments and you can lead a happy and long life.


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