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Prevent Neck Pain While Working Out- POSTED

Updated on March 19, 2016

Don't Injure Yourself While Working Out


How does neck pain occur with working out?

Neck pain can be quite common while you are working out. It can really happen with working out any body part: shoulders, arms, legs, abs.

There are usually three big reasons when neck pain can strike:

#1 - You really didn't warm up or loosen up. Getting the muscles warmed up is very important. Things like arm circles, neck rolls, and trunk twisters work great as part of your warm up routine.

#2 - You aren't doing some exercises correct ( incorrect form). Example: You are doing Abdominal exercises and flexing your head forward. This will cause neck pain. Check out the video below to make sure you are doing your ab exercises properly.

#3 - You are trying to lift too much weight

Knowing if you are doing something wrong is important. An Injury means that you will have to rest, which means you cannot work out. So it is a double whammy. Not only are you risking your health, but now you have to nurse an injury. Better to be safe than sorry.

What are some things that you can do to prevent neck pain while working out?

There are a few things one can do to prevent neck pain while working. By far the biggest is to make sure you are warmed up. In other words, make sure the body is loose and ready. Most injuries happen because you body just isn't ready, or at least ready for the work out you give it.

Next, make sure you perform the exercises with good form. This is the next biggest reason someone gets hurt. Sometimes too much weight is a factor because you lose form trying to do your routine with excessive amounts.

Also, know your limits. If you try to push to hard or go for too long you can run into a problem. This is similar to having too much weight.

Loosen up! It's important...

There is always a lot a discussion on whether to stretch before or after a workout. The answer is: Both! Start with dynamic stretches before the workout. Those are stretches where you move like arm circles, trunk twisters, things like that.

After Your workout - you want to stretch and hold. Let's take a hamstring stretch for example: bend forward and touch the toes, hold for 20 seconds.

Stretching will also help you the next day. You are less likely to feel soreness and walk around hobbling all over the place.

What exercises are you prone to injuring your neck ?

The most common are abdominal moves where you might tend to pull on the head. Sit-ups and crunches where instead of just having your hands there, you are literally tugging the head. Quick tip on this one is to just put your hands behind the ears.

In your attempt to get 6 pack abs, you may do unnecessary injury to your neck.


A Good way to Work out the Abs - without injuring your neck

The picture to the right shows a good way to do stomach exercises. Keep your head and neck neutral. Notice that Matt is not pulling his head forward. Notice also, that his hand are down, nowhere close to his neck.

Keeping the Head Stable and Out of the Equation!

Here is another great exercise you can do- it works out many muscles. It is not the easiest exercise to perform.

Another Great Exercise You Can Do At Home

What is Your Workout Routine

Do You Work Out on A Regular Basis?

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Prevent Neck Pain Whiloe Exercising Your Stomach Area

Have you Ever Injured Your Neck after Working out?

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    • Easy Exercise profile image

      Kelly A Burnett 2 years ago from United States

      Great article! Neck pain plagues allot of people.