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Prevent Post Head Injury Problems by Homeopathy

Updated on October 1, 2012
Homeopathic remedy prepared from Cicuta virosa (cowbane) prevents delayed development in children after head injury
Homeopathic remedy prepared from Cicuta virosa (cowbane) prevents delayed development in children after head injury

Head injury is serious event, which can provoke post traumatic or side effects in the organism of affected person. Sometimes injuries of head lead to serious consequences of delayed development (in children), mental symptoms, delirium states and even death.

Everyone knows how important it is to search for medical attention in cases of head trauma, especially when it comes to children falls but also in adult cases of injuries of head. Problem is that conventional medicine treatment of head trauma does not eliminate all possible consequences and the post traumatic syndrome that may occur after the fall/traumatic event took place.

In this hub I want to specifically underline the high value of opportune homeopathic treatment in case of head injury. Homeopathic remedies will not only cure the direct injury immediately but they will go further and will eliminate the possibility of severe post traumatic effects throughout the human organism. Homeopathic treatment in cases of trauma and injuries of head is essential and, in many cases, life-saving.

Official Medicine Treatment vs. Possible Consequences after Head Trauma Incidents

In the majority of those cases no consequences occur, really. After observing the patient for some time, the orthodox medicine considers him (or her) healthy and case of that injury is closed. Medical observation is needed and inevitable in such cases, so do not underestimate it.

It happens with some people that they never feel truly well after surviving an incident, which involved an injury of their head and concussion of brain. Patients became more closed than before, feeling sadness and inclination to weep; or you may notice dullness and confusion after the incident – they feel confusion about the time and actual date, don’t care about things happening around them. Their sadness may reach such levels, causing them suicidal thoughts. On physical level they could feel occipital pains in the head, hair falling, sore pains on the scalp, deep aching in the brain. There are also cases of meningitis developed after mechanical injuries of head; children development arrested; a loss of vision or hearing, convulsions… The adequate homeopathic treatment is essential for minimizing the possibilities for such complications.

Arnica montana
Arnica montana
Natrium sulphuricum
Natrium sulphuricum

What a Person Can Do… and What a Person Can’t Do

Not an easy question, really… because first thought that pops up in your mind after an incident is to reach the hospital… at once. Before your eyes you’ve got the picture that once you get there, all will be well. Sometimes it is.

What you can’t do is to wait. You most certainly can’t afford to wait in case of head injury. Even if you are on your way to the hospital already, you can still do something meanwhile.

Your homeopath could advise you to give to the sufferer Arnica Montana. When scalp is cut or lacerated, Arn. will stop the bleeding really fast. The remedy will help the person to overcome the shock and fright after the incident, and will significantly diminish the pain. When there is an internal skull contusion, hemorrhage or increased pressure, Arn. will spread out the venous blood from the place of contusion and prevent its post accumulation; will stop the internal bleeding and will relief the pressure. If given immediately, Arn. will help in 90 percent of all cases of head injury.

As I previously mentioned in other hubs, a homeopathic remedy should not be given after the amelioration had occur and was unquestioned. Almost all homeopathic remedies have long-lasting action on the person, so even after few weeks they continue to work.

After you come home from the hospital, you howsoever have to continue to watch over the injured person. Ill effects from head traumas show themselves sometimes with delay in time. In any case of severe head injury, after everything the doctors had done for the patient, it is good to bear in mind possible post traumatic syndrome. There is one homeopathic remedy that plays crusial role in cases of brain concussion; that remedy is Natrium sulphuricum (Nat-s).

Nat-s is applicable when after the incident the patient is experiencing mental troubles like: confusion on attempt to concentrate in the morning; dullness in the morning or after a short sleep; sadness or even suicidal disposition. Patient may feel dizzy; with severe pain in the head, aching deeply in the brain – but main evidence for application of Nat-s will be the mental symptoms after the injury.

In cases of concussion, especially in children and infants, one homeopathic remedy is very important, to prevent child from delay in development as consequence of the head injury. Cicuta virosa (water hemlock or cowbane) is important remedy if the child is suffering from convulsions, dizziness and vomiting, dullness and sadness after the incident. When there are signs of mental retardation after the injury, this remedy will help.

Going back to the question what a person can’t do,

I wish to say something very important. Never in cases of head injury do not count only to your best judgment; always apply homeopathic treatment together with medical observation, and afterwards be on your guard. The homeopathic remedies described in this hub always work and will never hurt the injured person. Notwithstanding that, one must always take into account that ordinary medical treatment and homeopathic treatment go hand in hand in such cases, where the mental health and state of balance of the injured person are in stake.


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  • tsarnaudova profile image

    Tsvetana Kodjabasheva 6 years ago from Sofia, Bulgaria

    Thank you, medicinefuture, for sharing this. Homeopathy is the most powerful and in the same time mild medicine. The more people know about it, the better.

  • medicinefuture profile image

    medicinefuture 6 years ago

    Homeopathy is simply wonderful in treating post traumatic head injury consequences. i have saved the lives of many patients from imminent death or going into coma with homeopathy. very inspiring article for youngsters