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Preventing and Curing Snoring - 5 Exercise used to Stop Snoring

Updated on July 9, 2009

How can I prevent my Snoring Issues?

Every other night my girlfriend complains how much I snore. She says it sounds like I’m drowning in my sleep. The funny thing is that I don’t know when I’m snoring, so I normally tell her to deal with it. But she recently recorded me in my sleep and let me listen to how I sounded, this caused me to become quite concerned. I sounded like I was drowning and I needed help. But I’m the type of person who hates dealing with doctors and surgery so I went looking for natural ways I can rid myself of snoring.

This article will discuss five ways to help you control your snoring problems.

Exercises to stop your Spouse from Snoring

Sleep Position

Changing your sleep position can help with snoring. For all you back sleepers, you might want to become side sleepers.When you sleep on your back your tongue can get in a position of being in the back of your throat which in turn causes you to snore. One should also try elevating the head while sleeping if the side position is not an option. Just add an extra pillow while sleeping and this could position your head to lessen pressure on airways.

Nasal Congestion

A popular reason for snoring is allergies. Snoring happens when airways become slightly blocked. When you have allergies some of your airways are not as open and they can cause you to snore. Try to purchase a humidifier. Humidifiers are great for those with nasal congestion. They put moisture in the air causing you to breathe easier. Also products like Vicks Vapor Rub are good to use at night to keep air passages clear.

Maybe overweight?

Yes! Losing weight is also a sure-fire way to help you eleivate snoring issues. People who are overweight seem to increase extra fat in back of there throat. When that fat accumulates it tends to block the airways.

Who knew that green salads and nice walks at the park could fight against snoring.

Blame it on the A-A-A-Alcohol

Maybe that Jamie Foxx song wasn’t lying, you can blame a lot of things on alcohol including snoring. Alcohol is also a known cause for sleeping problems. When someone drinks enough alcohol they can over produce mucus which can build up in sinuses. Go for water instead of that Grey Goose next time your in the club.

Put Down the Sleeping

Unfortunately this is an ironic situation. The item that helps put you asleep could be the very thing that causes to keep you awake. Some people loose sleep over snoring so they try sleeping pills to help.. But sleeping pills can cause snoring. All medications that have sedative effects can overly relax muscles that your keep airways clear. It is best to try to get good sleep by meditating before bed and keeping your thoughts to a minimum while sleeping for a natural way to sleep.

Snoring Conclusions

Overall you must realize there is a solution out there for you but you must give them a try or else your snoring may be here to stay. Currently, I’m sleeping with humidifiers in my room and they make it so much better for me to sleep at night. I still occasionally snore here and there but my girlfriend says it’s a big difference. Try to give these exercises a try to see which one will work for you. If you can't find a natural way to defeat snoring there are plenty of products out that can help.


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