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Primary headaches

Updated on July 26, 2009

Headache is a major distraction in a man's life. You experience it in the head or forehead around your eyes or the upper neck of your body. There are numerous causes due to which you experience this pain.

Let us discuss only about primary headaches in this article.

Primary headaches occur because of tension and migraine and a third variety of primary headache is called cluster headache.

Tension headaches:

90% of adults experience this variety called tension headache. Women experience more of tension headaches than men. This is caused because of worries, stressful situations, excessive workload, dissatisfaction in environment, uncomfortable situations and a host of other similar conditions. But once you are out of the situation, you are likely to be relieved of this headache.

Migraine headaches:

The second most common form of primary headache is Migraine headache. About 1/8th of the world population suffer from Migraine headaches. Migraine headache does not spare children also. Women experience migraine headaches more than men. 6% of the world's male population and 18% of the female population suffer from migraine headache.

Cluster headaches:

Only 0.1% of the world's population experience cluster headaches and hence it is a rare phenomenon.. Most of the sufferers of cluster headaches are men.

While primary headaches are not a threat to life, they are a nuisance. They affect the performance and quality of life. Concentration and focus get reduced with the result, output and productivity of people also take a beating.

Primary headaches may also cause nausea, difficulty in sleeping, loss of appetite and an uneasy feeling.

Another major cause of primary headache may be acidity. If you starve for a long duration, it causes acidity. This may also result in severe headaches. This is one of the commonest causes of headache in the modern world where people are forced to skip meals due to pressure of work and paucity of time. But once you eat your food, the headache vanishes. The best mantra for getting rid of this common form of headache is to take food and water on time and this will help you in carrying on with your work without avoidable discomfort.

The best advice to you when you experience a primary headache is that you should immediately consume some light and healthy food, drink a lot of water and take sufficient rest. But if the headache persists, it is better to consult your physician instead of engaging in self-medication, which is very dangerous.

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