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Principles of success - How do I Set my priority list

Updated on November 11, 2013

We all wanted to be successful.  We do many things to get the result.  We are overwhelmed by the works.  Still,  many times we fail to attain the desired result in the way we wanted.  Why it is so?  We wonder many times.  We did a lot of work.  Still there is no result.

It is the human tendency to do the work which is easy and fast.  At the same time we put off the work which is difficult or need much time for tomorrow.  And that tomorrow will never come.  At the end of the day, the net result is zero.  That is where we need to prioritize our work.

What is the most important priority in your life?  Money, Fame, Family, Relation, Carrier, Business.

It is up to you what comes first. If you want make more money in your life, Making money is to be given the first priority than any other thing. Family, relation and hobbies comes only after that. Looking at a man's work we can understand him. Most of the time he does the work for which he gives priority. We tempt to do things which makes us happy and what is easy. That is why many people spend more time in front of TV. Watching movie while eating snacks within the comfort of your home is a good and easy thing to do. You can spend hours there. But it will not give you much result.

If you really want to make money, you need to focus on your business or ways of making money.

Let me cut short, if you want success in whatever you do, you need to prioritize your work. Stick to your priority. When you wake up in the morning, there are a lot of things you can do. Sleep a little more, brush your teeth, have a quite time, read the newspaper, watch the morning show on the TV, Make your tea, Exercise, take bath, Read one hour a motivational book etc. It is better you plan your day a day before. Planning the day in the morning is very difficult. You do things in the morning as they come. So Make your plan in a day before. Write down the things to be done. Then prioritize them in order to the importance.

Prioritize your tasks means making a list of things to do as per the importance.  As without priorities and focus, it is virtually impossible for individuals to achieve results. You must be having a goal or you have taken a decision to do this or that. Making a decision only will not lead you to the success. There are more small decisions and steps to be taken to achieve that Goal. Suppose you want to get A+ grade in your studies, you have a goal. Study is the action to be taken to achieve that Goal. That is the first priority in your life. Till you reach that stage, there is no other things are important than getting an A+. There are times when you think, a little sleep will not make much difference. Then you think of watching a movie or playing football. Temptations will come. But remember, what is the priority at present. You can postpone that little sleep for the sake of achieving that A+, You can avoid that temptation to watching that movie.

Removing temptation and doing the work and making the small steps towards achieving your goal is called prioritizing. If you are setting a Goal to get A+ and you have a deep desire to achieve that goal, and you cannot resist the temptation of going for the swimming, will not take you to the A+. Once you complete your swimming, you are tired and want to take some rest. Then you cannot avoid that movie, then spending some time with your close friends etc. Priority list is there, desire is there, goal is there, opportunity is there, but if you are not taking the steps/actions towards your goal, there is no use of all other activities.

Paddy field
Paddy field


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    • profile image

      R. J. Lefebvre 5 years ago

      Jacob, You definately have a motivation hub of which no one can misunderstand. I am 71 years old and looking forward to becoming a centurian. My problems of my past is that I have more interests then I can possibly learn and/or utilize; as in variations of human behavior and the reality of existance. Thanks.


    • profile image

      Akintays akintunji Akinsquarep 6 years ago

      Nice writ Up!

    • Maraiya Storm profile image

      Maraiya Storm 6 years ago from Prescott, Arizona

      As I will be starting back to college this coming spring, your comments about sticking to your studies vs succumbing to temptations to do other things was right on.

      What do you do when your chosen field of work doesn't give you the money you want, yet you love your work? Is money the priority, or the work you love? Sometimes what we love to do doesn't give us the necessary amount of money for a nice lifestyle. Sometimes it's hard to prioritize such things.

    • profile image

      Iwummadu chinonso 6 years ago

      Wow,nice motivational talk,i will definitely stick to it inorder to make it.thanks

    • jacobkuttyta profile image

      jacobkuttyta 8 years ago from Delhi, India

      Thanks all for your visits and comments

    • PureRomance profile image

      PureRomance 8 years ago from Vietnam

      nice one! I like the words of wisdom. Thanks for sharing :)

    • xunlei profile image

      xunlei 8 years ago

      it is a nice hub , great? Thanks ?

    • TnFlash profile image

      TnFlash 8 years ago from Tampa, Florida

      Great Hub! In an earlier comment Lisa Luv declared she is the worlds worst procrastinator. This is not true. I am the worlds' worst procrastinator! Good work. Keep it up!

    • profile image

      Shinu 8 years ago

      WOW LOOK Some Sensual Gorgeous sexy ladies pictures

    • Chin chin profile image

      Chin chin 8 years ago from Philippines

      I discovered that when I fail to plan, I plan to fail. I usually find myself doing a lot things without really accomplishing anything. Thanks for the reminder.

    • JYOTI KOTHARI profile image

      Jyoti Kothari 8 years ago from Jaipur

      Hi jacob,

      people normally do not fix their goals hence the priority. These two are primary necessities to be succeed.

      Thanks and thumbs up for a good hub.

      Jyoti Kothari

    • GPAGE profile image

      GPAGE 8 years ago from California

      I like your positive voice in this hub! Thank you for the great advice. Best, GPAGE

    • Carol the Writer profile image

      Carolyn Blacknall 8 years ago from Houston, Texas

      Very good advice. You helped me to prioritize and get some focus. I should read this every morning! - Carol

    • RevLady profile image

      RevLady 8 years ago from Lantana, Florida

      Thanks for the reminder and encouragement. I have learned that if I do not plan it, I usually do not do it. Great advice.

    • Lisa Luv profile image

      Lisa J Warner AKA Lisa Luv 8 years ago from Conneticut, USA

      Oh ---helpful advice especially to the worlds biggest procrasinator...(((ME))) ---thank you...HAPPY THANKSGIVING