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Products That Help With Acne

Updated on December 5, 2012

Get To Know Your Enemy

If you are really serious about tackling any problem it always helps to know not only how to deal with the effects of that problem, but also with the root causes of that problem.

This is the surest way of solving a problem and making sure that it is prevented from recurring.

Acne is a problem where these principles can be used quite effectively. It is estimated that amongst 12 to 30 year olds, around 80 per cent suffer with acne at some point. Although acne isn’t a serious disease, it can have psychological effects such as lowering your self-esteem and can be very distressing for the sufferer.

What Do We Know About Acne?

Acne has been around for a very long time and a better understanding of the condition continues to develop. It is a disease that affects the sebaceous glands that are housed in the pores of the skin together with the sweat glands and hair follicles. The job of the sebaceous glands is to secrete an oily substance called sebum which serves to flush out dead cells to the surface of the skin. When these follicles clog up with too much sebum and too many dead skin cells, a pimple will appear. There are a few different variations when it comes to pimples and the typical acne sufferer can expect to have any or all of these types during an outbreak depending on its severity.

· Whiteheads are pimples formed when the blockage of excess sebum and dead skin cells rises to the surface of the skin, but doesn’t actually break through.

· Blackheads are whiteheads that manage to break the surface of the skin. They are black because of discoloration and not dirt. Melanin, the skin’s pigment, which is found in the sebum, oxidises on contact with the air

· Papules are tender, pink bumps that appear on the skin’s surface.

· Pustules are papules that rise to the surface and are filled with pus.

· Nodules tend to be deep-seated , solid and painful pimples

· Cysts again are painful and have the ability to leave scars

Although teenagers and young adults are the prime target for acne, people of all ages can have outbreaks. Acne can be triggered by several different factors and they include:

· Androgens produced during adolescence. Increased production of testosterone in both males and females affects sebum production from the sebaceous glands

· Some doctors believe that acne is in your genes. It is possible that if your parents suffered from acne you could be prone to outbreaks too

· Use of birth control pills may trigger acne outbreaks. This would usually happen when starting to use the pill, or stopping use of it.

· Hormonal changes are linked with acne outbreaks. The female body undergoes such changes during pregnancy

· Some people may react to certain medications.

· As acne is caused by blocked pores, greasy make-up is not helpful

So now that we know what triggers an outbreak and the symptoms that sufferers will experience, it’s time to look what can be done to reduce the symptoms and frequency of outbreaks. The severity of the outbreak will depend on many different factors and if the walls or bottom of the pores collapse it will cause inflammation. To avoid acne reaching the inflammatory stage, it is important not to be tempted to squeeze or pick at any whiteheads or blackheads you may have. It is also good policy to cleanse the skin regularly and if you have particularly greasy hair, shampoo it every day if necessary.

Products That Help With Acne

Many people prefer the ‘natural’ approach when it comes to health. There are so many stories of bad side effects from drugs and that makes using healthy, natural ingredients more appealing. Products that are specifically designed to deal with acne include:

1. When looking for an effective supplement for pimples - Actimine is a natural choice with ingredients that are specially designed to take advantage of the latest research into acne. Current studies are looking into the regulation of sebum production and ways to intervene and stop outbreaks occurring. The ingredients of Actimine are designed to complement other treatments for acne. The active ingredients in Actimine are:

a. Vitamin A – Vitamin A is useful in reducing the production of sebum in the sebaceous glands and it also helps prevent the accumulation of keratin inside the follicles. Over production of sebum is one of the prime causes of acne.

b. Zinc – Zinc Gluconate is a nutrient that is associated with healthy skin. It also aids in sebum reduction through being able to manage hormonal changes.

c. MSM and Guggul – These two substances are instrumental in maintaining the integrity of cell walls and promote healthy skin by allowing the nutrients to get to where they are needed.

2. When it comes to not only treating the symptoms, but also treating the root cause, you should seriously consider using Exposed Acne Treatment. This system adopts an all-round approach to treating acne, dealing with all aspects of the condition including those root causes. There are nine components of the Exposed Treatment kit.

a. Facial Cleanser – Containing olive leaf extract and beta hydroxyl acids, this product prepares the skin; getting rid of surplus oil and dirt as well as penetrating the pores to kill bacteria. Not only is Exposed Facial Cleanser soap free, it is also hypo-allergenic.

b. Clearing Tonic – This product does exactly what it says on the tin by clearing away blackheads and whiteheads ready for the next stage of the treatment. Containing salicylic acid, witch hazel and green tea extract, Exposed Clearing Tonic helps to maintain the skin’s natural oils and acids.

c. Acne Treatment Serum – Benzoyl Peroxide is one of the active ingredients of this serum which gets right to the heart of the matter by fighting acne-causing bacteria and helping clear up acne lesions. Acne Treatment Serum also contains green tea extract and helps to prevent new acne outbreaks.

d. Clear Pore Serum – Brimming with natural ingredients, this serum helps to restore balance to the skin and helps to get rid of pimples. Liquorice extract and basil oil are to be found in this serum, which is a gel designed to rejuvenate the skin overnight.

e. Moisture Complex – This product is oil-free and helps restore the natural pH balance to skin whilst trapping moisture on the skin. Exposed Moisture Complex contains Vitamin E, caffeine and green tea extract amongst other things.

f. Clarifying Mask – This mask is good for acne by soaking up impurities and excess oil on the skin which helps prevent new pimples forming. The Exposed Clarifying Mask contains sulphur which helps promote healthy skin.

g. Microderm scrub – As the name suggests, this product is used for exfoliating the skin helping to get rid of dead skin cells. One of the benefits of the Exposed Microderm Scrub is better looking skin. The product contains mango seed butter and grape seed oil

h. Derm-X Cloth – This isn’t a medication, but a microdermabrasion cloth which exfoliates, improves skin tone and removes blemishes from the skin.

i. Probiotic Complex – Although it sounds like a medical condition in its own right, this product helps to detoxify and restore hormonal balance and is taken orally. Exposed Probiotic Complex contains Vitamins A and E, zinc and lactospores.

Exposed Acne Treatment received great reviews on with 98 per cent of users reporting positive effects, including the clearing up of acne outbreaks. It was also established that Exposed Acne Treatment was 85 per cent effective on all skin types as opposed to its competitors.

What’s The Verdict?

One of the most common skin disorders today has been with us over the millennia causing discomfort and displeasure to all those that are unfortunate enough to suffer from it. Acne can affect anyone, no matter what skin type or skin colour they have – it does not even discriminate against age. It can be triggered by anything from hereditary genes right up to hormonal imbalances such as those experienced during puberty or prior to menstruation. Pregnant women undergoing hormone changes can also suffer badly from acne.

No matter what the trigger or what the underlying cause is, a sufferer will want to settle an outbreak as soon as it is possible to do so. Nobody wants the pain or embarrassment of an acne attack and hopefully, researchers will soon identify how to switch the triggers off and reduce symptoms and recurrent outbreaks.

Meanwhile, the best we can hope for is a successful herbal or natural treatment that can help you manage the symptoms more easily and help stop recurring outbreaks happening so often. Actimine and Exposed Acne Treatment offer just such an opportunity.

Nowadays there is an enormous amount of products and information on how best to treat acne and this gives the average acne sufferer plenty of choice. The secret is in choosing wisely.


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