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Prosperity and Law of Abundance

Updated on July 9, 2013

Prosperity Consciousness

Prosperity Consciousness

Your mind holds the element of prosperity consciousness. It is what we use to attract opportunities to us. Within you lies an endless pool, which many call the Law of Attraction. Everyone does utilize this daily. So where is my pool of money, you might ask? Why is not this element of prosperity working for me? These are usually the questions that rise immediately upon me making these statements. My answer always is it is working perfectly in accordance to your continuous thoughts and feelings. Your subconscious mind has zero feelings and runs the same as a computer. The information you feed it becomes your output. Input and output is exactly how your brain functions 24/7.

All the law of attraction, and positive affirmation books can only provide a seed. If you do not create a constant change in your input to your brain, the output has to remain the same. The majority of people will not be able to jump from point A to point B, because their brains are overloaded with false truths. Even though the mind holds the element of prosperity, your false beliefs concerning prosperity are programing this element. This is evident in daily expressions of people; the world is working against me, rich people are horrible because they take from the poor, rich people have no dignity, and being poor makes you closer to God. How can you attract prosperity, if you relate it with evil?

What beliefs do you have about rich people?

Do you believe rich people are not favored by the God of your choicing?

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Overcoming old thought patterns

Law of Attraction is Within You

Our thoughts impact our physical existence. The Law of attraction is within you, acting as map quest of your spirit. What an interesting concept, however what does spirit have to do with this? Your spirit is the constant energy that is within you always. It wants to experience adventures. Your subconscious often though is overshadowing your spirit with delusional truths. The adventures you take are predetermine by your thought patterns. These have been already programed by your family and society. If you ever reviewed your past, you most likely seen repetitive experiences. This should help you to understand that you are attracting to you exactly what you believe on a subconscious level.

Is this how it will be forever? The answer here rests on you. If you want a prosperous life, you will need to become a watch dog to every thought you have, that is impact with feelings. When you recognize those thoughts than you need to reprogram your brain, the computer. You need to deliver new input, to change the output. The input must be spiked with as much emotions, if not more than your old thought patterns.

What You Believe Must come True

Tools to Prosper

How to become prosperous

To become active in providing your brain with new input, you really need to figure out what this word means to you. How do you see prosperity? What area does it cover? Is it only about money? Do you wish for prosperity in other areas of your life? How is your romantic relationship? Is it prosperous in love or lacking? Do you have one? What about your career, friendships, family and leisure time? Search for the answer that fits your genuine self. This might sound easy, unfortunately most of us do not know what we really seek. Our desires are linked to what others have wanted for us. When you discover what it is you really want, start slowly building there.

An interesting factor in discovery what you want, versus others wanting for you, your passion shines through. This is authentic passion, because it is connected to our spirit, our being. When we have true passion, old beliefs seems to crumble like a house made of cards. These old beliefs might try to reenter here and there, but eventually they burn out. This is because we have new tapes in our brain, which will eventually kill off the old thoughts. Yes, it is possible to reprogram your brain. In life, if you want that element in your brain of prosperity to be in synched with you, it is best to start reprogramming it now.

Here are some tools you can use to reprogram

Tools can be useful if you apply them. There are probably countless tools one can use, so feel free to stretch your imagination. In using tools, first figure out how you learn the best. Are you a visual, oratory, or do you learn better by reading? I am a visual and audio type of learner, if I am shown and/or told, I can comprehend quicker. What is your best way?

Affirmations work for some. Repetition is a great way to over feed the input of your brain. If you decide to go this way, pay attention to your emotional chattering. This is done by paying attention to our breath, places where anxiety sets in and other bodily functions. These will clue you in on if these affirmations are going against the input your already possess in your subconscious. If you are experiencing waves of stress with affirmations, I would suggest you continue to use them, but also start to work through why you are stressing over the words. Usually we have hit the stress button when we are proclaiming something that on a subconscious level we fill is bad.

Audio books on prosperity are wonderful, as well as the written book. Whichever way is most conducive to your method of processing I would use. I am a multi-task person, so audio books work better for me, because they are in the back ground and I can slowly take it in.

Hypnoses is another method people enjoy, and sublimals are great for taking it in slowly.

Visual boards and collages are another tool, and the one I mostly use. If I can see it, my brain can assess its input. If I find that they push my stress buttons, I do use the suggestion I gave you. This can be used through any of the tools I have mentioned.

Prosperity to me use to be wrapped up with people who had no conscious. In my perspective they were cold hearted, unspiritual, cruel and evil people. Prosperity for me would mean I would become those traits. My brain would not forsake me, so it kept money elusive to me. Your brain will only produce what you feel is deserving.

How to let go of your excuses

Prosperity is Good

Prosperity is good

Prosperity is a good thing. To this day its’ meaning for me is to have enough to do as I wish. It is part of my freedom. Interesting factor it is not interlinked to material goods for me. There are other areas that I prefer to have, and possessions is not high up on the ladder. I do not condemn another if prosperity means possessions. This is good for them. My way of life is not good for them. We each have our own path, and what prosperity means is an individual expression. I do hope you will begin the journey of passion, which is where your prosperity lies. The prosperity element in your mind is actually where your passion rests. If you are passionate to be against things, people and places than your prosperity is there. It will keep you from becoming those people, having those things or going to those places. It is as simple as that.


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    • Renee Abbott profile image

      Renee Abbott 4 years ago from Arizona

      Ms Dora, thank you for commenting. I am glad that you find the reprogramming suggestions to be helpful. We do have so much input in our computer brain, which is what is creating our reality.

      Thank you again for commenting.


    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 4 years ago from The Caribbean

      Thanks for this explanation on brain input and output. It seems that not only is there wrong information, but too much wrong information; it's a struggle to keep it out. Your reprogramming suggestions are very helpful.