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Protein And Why It Is Important To The Body

Updated on August 4, 2013

The Facts About Proteins

The human body is the most important thing in every ones life because of without your body you have no life and PROTEIN plays a very important part of every day life starting from the time your born. When your born your body needs a certain amount of proteins to keep your body working correctly and the way we get our protein is by eating healthy foods like beef, fish, poultry, dairy products and even legumes, nuts and seeds.

The human body needs proteins because it builds and replaces the tissues in your entire body like your bones, muscles certain body organs and mainly your immune system so basically it maintains you.

The foods we eat plays a very important role of your protein intake because the molecules it makes dose specific jobs like making hemoglobin and the red blood cells these two a lone makes oxygen to supply your body each and every day. Protein also helps to keep your cardiac muscles working in good form and the cardiac muscle is you heart ad we all know that the heart plays a very important role in everyday life like running, working out your body and lungs and most important protecting you from diseases that could cause serious health issues even death.

Talking About Protein To Help Your Body

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How Protein Is Used In Our Body

Believe it or not our bodies need proteins and we can get it from the things we eat and our bodies need more it just depends on the age and your activities hat you do each and everyday of your life I will say this because having protein in you body dose so much I really think that nobody really knows how much protein is recommended for our bodies and to maintain our over all health because protein protects so many things to make the body function .So what do you think is protein a needed source or do you think you can live with out it........Take the poll and let me know what you think.

Protein Rich Foods

Some foods that are high in amino acids and protein chains need to be consumed to help the body maintain a healthy level of protein if your eating these protein rich foods then your on the way to maintaining your health.
Some foods that are high in amino acids and protein chains need to be consumed to help the body maintain a healthy level of protein if your eating these protein rich foods then your on the way to maintaining your health. | Source

Why Are Proteins Important

From a dietary point of view protein is a major player in everyday life. A well balanced diet is one of the ways to make sure your getting the right amount of proteins but there are other factors like carbohydrates, fats and fibers that when all together makes your body one perfect marriage.

It is really important that our body consume a ample amount of protein to have perfect body functions and these proteins come from the food we eat each and everyday like chicken, lamb, wheat and certain types of soy products.

Now the reason protein is so important to our bodies is because they are a long chain of amino acids that are chained together and each link of the proteins has a specific function in every different part of your body and if each link dose not get the proper nourishment your body will not work correctly so without the proper protein in your body your body will break down.

Protein is the main ingredient for total growth in your body it is your maintenance man to your over all health concerning the digestion. the oxygen, and nutrients that controls the body and he blood system. So to have the right antibodies to fight disease for healthy skin and strong bones proteins is the main source of everyday living.

Proteins That Our Bodies Need

According to fitness expert Rapheal Calazadilla protein is a much needed thing that we need in our lives here is his take:

Proteins, which are made up of amino acids, are the building blocks for your body. Protein helps children grow and helps build and maintain muscle mass in adults. It’s a known fact that if you want to build muscle or tone up, a substantial level of protein intake is of utmost importance, but how much protein do you need?

For the sedentary: 0.4 grams of protein per pound of body weight (a 180-pound man needs 72 grams).

For the recreational exerciser: 0.5 – 0.75 grams.

For the athletes: 0.6 – 0.9 grams.

For serious muscle building: 1 – 1.25 grams.

There are many good sources for protein. But here are my top 7 sources (in no particular order) that will optimize your muscle gains.

1. Egg whites — They may not be as tasty as the whole egg, but they are an efficient protein source.

“Egg whites are an excellent source of protein, because the protein is instantly absorbed by your body,” says Raphael. “They also have no fat and no cholesterol.”

2. Whole egg — For years, fear of the cholesterol in egg yolk has made people shy away from this wonderful source of protein. But in moderation, you have nothing to worry about.

“Even though the yolk is high in cholesterol, it is also higher in protein than the egg whites. One of the best sources of protein is the yolk in the egg. A Harvard study, published in The Journal of the American Medical Association showed eating an egg a day did not raise the risk of heart disease.

3. Steak — Beef… it’s what’s for dinner… and it’s what’s for muscles if you want more of them. And not just protein, but creatine and iron as well.

4. Chicken — Prefer something a little leaner? Chicken is a mainstay in bodybuilder’s diets. Lean cuts of chicken breast have 28 grams of protein, no carbs and only 2 grams of fat.

5. Tuna — Have you ever seen those dedicated gym rats eating tuna right out of the can? It may seem a little crude, but tuna is a hit for muscle gain, and the convenience outweighs the “lack of decorum.” Higher consumption of fish is associated with a reduced risk of some types of stroke among middle-aged women, according to an article in The Journal of the American Medical Association.

6. Cottage cheese — Guys, don’t let your egos get in the way. This may be a staple of women’s diets, but there’s nothing wimpy about eating this high-protein food.

“Protein in cottage cheese is of extremely high quality and contains all of the essential amino acids (building blocks of protein) in the amounts proportional to the body’s needs,” says Raphael.

7. Salmon — If you get sick of tuna but still want to get your protein from the sea, salmon is a great alternative. Postpone your appointment with St. Peter by consuming omega-3-rich fish such as salmon.

Saying Thank You To Protein

I think in our everyday lives we need to thank the person who discovered the use of having proteins in your body.
I think in our everyday lives we need to thank the person who discovered the use of having proteins in your body. | Source

Getting The Right Amount Of Amino Acids

Getting the right amount of amino acids is a very serious thing if you want to keep your body in perfect harmony so we must get in a certain amount in each day for most adults research says that we need to have at least 60 grams of protein each day and if your pregnant or a athlete you will need more and one of the best ways to get that extra boost is to eat the right foods such as meat, fish, eggs even dairy products and vegetables but meats are the best source but most meats are high in fat but poultry and fish are fantastic.

This dose not mean that you have to get all your amino acids from an of the food items we are talking about a balance diet of good foods and along with grains, flour and nuts to give you a complete source to get all the amino acid protein our bodies need.

I believe if you eat small meals or 2 to 3 servings per day of the right foods then you will be fine or you could start off light and the go heavy for your afternoon or evening meals with really lean meats and super healthy vegetables but this dos not work if you do not eat protein rich foods.

Amino Acids The Protein Builder

Have you ever wondered were protein come from and how it is formed well it starts with the amino acids in your body....Amino Acids are a molecule that creates protein it is the starting for point for our inner bodies the link that starts it all and these amino acids are created by the body and the others are created by the food we eat and consume in our body.

When you combine the natural amino acids that the body makes and the ones that you get from the food you eat each and everyday they balance out to give you a source of energy in our bodies that keeps us healthy with out keeping these amino acids balanced our bodies can have very serious health problems.

The Structure And Importance Of Proteins

In the video below Paul Andersen explains the structure and importance of proteins. He describes how proteins are created from amino acids connected by dehydration synthesis. He shows the importance of chemical properties in the R-groups of individual amino acids in the polypeptide. He explains the four levels of protein folding and gives you an opportunity to fold proteins of your own using the game Foldit:

Download the video game foldit here:

Intro Music Atribution
Title: I4dsong_loop_main.wav
Artist: CosmicD
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Creative Commons Atribution License

Source of video

The Structure And Importance Of Proteins

Amino Acids

Talking About Amino Acids

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, and unlike the two other basic nutrients – sugar and fatty acids, amino acids contain nitrogen – about 16%. Because of the vital functions of these nutrients, great care should be taken by any person concerned about their health, to ensure that sufficient amounts are supplied by the body in either dietary form, or if needed by supplementation

Source: Zest For Life.

Curried Shrimp and Quinoa Salad

If you want foods that are packed with proteins that are really good for you then you have here a perfect pair the quinoa an the shrimp making this a dish your family will love and they wont know i's healthy
If you want foods that are packed with proteins that are really good for you then you have here a perfect pair the quinoa an the shrimp making this a dish your family will love and they wont know i's healthy | Source

Balancing Protein Rich Foods

When trying to control your protein intake the fact here should reassure you that your getting more than all the protein in your diet, according to the Academy Of Medical Studies protein is so abundant to what American eat each and everyday most of us including children and adults consume a lot more protein than we need. They say that 15 to 25 percent of the calories we consume re suppose to come from proteins with the others coming from carbohydrates and fats and today were going to share with you a few recipes that will balance all of that out.

The first recipe were going to be talking about is Curried Shrimp and Quinoa Salad that is really healthy and pack with proteins that will meet all of your body requirements. Before we get started with the recipe let me give you a few facts about the stars of this tasty dish the shrimp and the quinoa.

The quinoa is one of the best if not the best source of protein around today and it dose not come from any animal it comes from a plant base because it has all nine amino acids that are very crucial to the human body meaning your health.

And Shrimp are also very good source of protein it is said to be ranked in the top 4 for the best source of high quality protein according to WHFoods and that is one of the reasons that shrimps are featured in many culinary dishes around and it still is great source of omega 3 fatty acids and it also good for your cardiovascular and nervous system and shrimp also has a outstanding ratio of omega 6 fats too.

So with me giving you a little information about the stars of this dish lets get started making this salad

Curried Shrimp and Quinoa Salad


1 cup quinoa (uncooked)

2 cups of seafood or chicken broth

1 radishes, sliced thinly

1 medium green onion, sliced thinly

1 small red onion, sliced thinly

For cucumber dressing:

1 English cucumber, halved lengthwise and rough chopped

¼ cup of unseasoned rice vinegar

1 tablespoon of sesame oil

1 tablespoons of toasted sesame seeds

1 1/2 teaspoons of fish sauce

2 tablespoons of extra light olive oil

1 teaspoon of freshly ground black pepper

For curried shrimp:

2 tablespoons of light olive oil

½ tablespoon of Spanish curry powder

1 tablespoon of minced fresh ginger

1 teaspoon of ground black pepper

1 medium shallot, thinly sliced

1 pound raw large shrimp, shelled and deveined


First thing you need to do is make your cucumber dressing then place it in you refrigerator to get a chill. to make the cucumber dressing using your blender puree the cucumber and the vinegar until its smooth then add the remaining ingredients and blend in very well..

Using a covered saucepan, combine your quinoa and stock together and bring it to a boil at this point reduce the heat and let the quinoa and stock simmer for 15 minutes until the water is absorbed and the quinoa appears translucent then remove from the heat set aside to cool when the quinoa is cool add the radishes and the onions toss it with 3 tablespoons of the cucumber dressing.

Now that we have the cucumber dressing and the quinoa cooked lets get started on the curry shrimp using a medium sauté pan heat your olive oil over a medium heat this point add your curry powder, ginger, pepper and shallots sauté for about 2 minutes then add your shrimp and cook for about 5 minutes until your shrimps are pink stirring occasionally, when the shrimp are done remove from the pan pace in a container and refrigerate until your ready to put this salad together

Ok to put this salad together I suggest you do it family style by dressing the platter with leaf lettuce then place the salad on the serving platter and top with curried shrimp. Drizzle remaining dressing over the shrimp serve and enjoy.


Pan Seared Salmon with Miso Carrot Sauce

The second recipe that is good and packed with protein is a Pan Seared Salmon with Miso Carrot Sauce not only is it super healthy but it is also very good for you. We all know that salmon is good for you in so many ways but so are carrots so here is a few fact on salmon and carrots that I think you should know about.

Facts about Salmon: We all know that salmon is a very good source of protein and also a essential part of a well balance diet did you know that a 4 oz piece of protein has about 24 grams of proteins and packed with the good omega 3s that are very good for the body and it also low in cholesterol and sodium.

Carrots they have so many health benefits were do you start rich in anti-oxidants has many healthy vitamins and they are cholesterol free but the biggest thing about carrots are the rich source of beta-carotene and they say that carrots have compounds that help to protect our skin, lungs even oral cavity cancers and carrots are even good for our vision and are packed with plenty of protein about 93 grams per 1/2 cup so you see that carts are super healthy for you if you combine them both the salmon and the carrots you have a powerful protein family with that being said let move on to making this super healthy meal.

Pan Seared Salmon with Miso Carrot Sauce

To make the miso sauce:


1/4 cup of peanut oil

1/4 cup of rice wine vinegar

3 tablespoons of semi-sweet miso

1 tablespoon of dark sesame seed oil

2 whole carrots heads removed and washed well - Do not peel the skin.

tablespoon f fresh peeled ginger

1 pinch of sea salt an ground black pepper


To make the carrot miso sauce ....Using a food processor add all of the ingredients to the food processor and process until smooth then set aside......If more sea salt and ground black pepper is needed adjust to your taste.

To make the pan seared Salmon:


4 - 4oz salmon fillets

2 tablespoons of olive oil

Sea salt

Ground black pepper


Using your sea salt and ground black pepper season both size of your salmon, then using a medium size fry pan add your olive oil to a pre-heated fry pan then sear the salmon on both sides for 4 minutes or until the salmon is done ....Remove to a serving dish and serve with the carrot miso sauce......Then enjoy.

Pan Seared Salmon with Miso Carrot Sauce

Proteins and good health is very vital to our lives and adding fresh salmon and fresh carrots are to great way to promote good health and another god thing about the pair they taste good too.
Proteins and good health is very vital to our lives and adding fresh salmon and fresh carrots are to great way to promote good health and another god thing about the pair they taste good too. | Source

The Everyday Protein Smoothie

As I bring this protein article article to a close I want to share with you a video by Dancing with the Star co-host Brooke Burke, in the video she shares tips for making a healthy protein shake!

Brooke says to make sure your family starts the day off right with these healthy and energizing protein shake ideas. In this video Brooke walks us through her favorite tasty recipes - with ingredients like banana, almond butter and even kale!.

So please watch the video because this is a sure way and tasty way to get some source of protein in your body each and every day.

The Everyday Protein Smoothie


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    • Handicapped Chef profile imageAUTHOR

      Handicapped Chef 

      5 years ago from Radcliff Ky

      Carol it really a super healthy meal packed with protein but the best thing is that it taste really good so please try it.

    • carol7777 profile image

      carol stanley 

      5 years ago from Arizona

      Good information and I love curry..Will have to try this.


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