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Healthier Scrambled Eggs on Toast

Updated on June 30, 2012

Still Tasty and Healthy

Scrambled eggs can be bad for you but read on to find out how to make it if anything good for you


Everyone knows that a brown wholemeal bread has higher fibre content and less sugars and so helps to lower blood sugar and aid digestion. In comparison to the choice of eggs and butter though, i wouldn't loose too much sleep over the bread you use.


DO NOT USE IT! butter is awful for you! you're likely to spread 10g of butter onto each slice, theres virtually 20 grams of fat and that can be as much as two chocolate bars.


Ok so first lets look at exactly what is in eggs

1 Large egg (50g)

Calories = 71 (45 from Fat Alone)

Total Fat = 5g

Saturated Fat = 2g

Cholesterol = 211mg

Carbs = 0g

Protein = 6g

Ok so lets assume were making Scrambled Eggs with 4 Large eggs

Total Fat = 20g ---[ THIS IS AS MUCH AS 2x CHOCOLATE BARS ]---

Saturated Fat 10g ---[ 33% of the RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance), This is the really bad Fat that is most dangerous to your health, It serves no purpose and if it was up to me i would set a RDA of 0%, Since the term is RECOMMENDED ]---

Protein = 24g ---[ THIS IS FINE ]---

Cholesterol = 844mg ---[ THIS IS 280% of your RDA, High Cholesterol is Linked to Health problems, just 2 eggs is over your RDA already, nevermind 4 ]---

Ok so what can we do? Any more than 1 egg seems to give an unhealthy amount of Fat and Cholesterol!

Ok so here's the important bit, Check the Nutritional Value of JUST the Egg white on its own

Calories = 16

Total Fat = 0g

Cholesterol = 0g

Protein = 4g

So theres no need for the egg yolk then right? well....

The egg yolk unfortunately contains a lot of Vital Minerals and Vitamins

it's a good source of Vitamin A, Calcium, Iron, Riboflavin, Vitamin B12 and Phosphorus and Selenium.

And without it, its not quite Scrambled Eggs is it

So here's the Answer!

Alter the ratio of Egg Yolk to Egg White, if you just add the whole egg its 1:1 Ratio



4 egg whites

1 egg yolk

This would provide you with the following Nutrition

Fat = 5g (From the Yolk)

Saturated Fat = 2g (From the Yolk)

Cholesterol = 211mg (From the Yolk)

Protein = 24g

Ween yourself off it maybe

You can start with a 2:4 Yolk to White ratio at first, i still found this just as nice as 4:4, with half the fat so its a no brainer, then you can proceed to 1:4 ratio and see what you think of it


You can buy an Egg for as little as 10p an Egg

So 10 x 10p = £1

£1 of eggs = 60g protein

If you buy a protein Shake you could be paying up to 3x this much for the same protein content, therefore eggs are the economical way to intake protein


Tomato Ketchup and HP Brown sauce and all the others thing people generally put on their scrambled eggs and food generally, are typically high in salt and sugars.

Opt for using mixed herbs and pepper instead, these are actually nutritionally very good for you


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    • remaniki profile image

      Rema T V 5 years ago from Chennai, India

      Hi CCahill,

      Amazing facts about a food item as simple as the egg that we use everyday. Very informative. The nutritional facts are clear and very impressive that I have decided to use the healthy combination of whites and yolk that you have mentioned. I am very health conscious, so I'll be happy doing this. Thanks very much for the knowledge. Sharing it across for the benefit of health freaks.

      Cheers, Rema.

    • CCahill profile image

      CCahill 5 years ago from England

      I would be more interested in your references for saying "Butter is good for you" BabyCheatah ;)

    • profile image

      Giselle Maine 5 years ago

      I like the careful analysis and breakdown explaining exactly what will be in the recipe and why. CCahill, I am not sure why the absence of butter seems to be causing some controversy in the comments, because you have been careful to state your concern over its fat content using exact numbers for people to refer to. If someone is trying to make a meal healthier then looking at how much fat is added by ANY ingredient (whether the ingredient is butter or something else) is a sensible thing to do.

      Anyhow, a very interesting hub, and I liked your idea of adding flavors through pepper and herbs. Thanks for this recipe.

    • BabyCheetah profile image

      BabyCheetah 5 years ago from Melbourne

      What are your references for saying butter isn't good for you? Because actually contrary to popular belief butter is good for you. Don't go crazy with it but having some on your toast is actaully good for you.

    • GoForTheJuggler profile image

      Joshua Patrick 5 years ago from Texas

      Used in moderation, butter is NOT bad for you.

    • Brett.Tesol profile image

      Brett Caulton 5 years ago from Thailand

      Huh, I'd have never of thought of that ... so simple, and yet a great way to improve a tasty breakfast/lunch.

      Shared, up, useful and pinned.

    • Der Meister profile image

      Der Meister 5 years ago from Virgo Supercluster

      The picture looks so good!