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The Shocking Truth About Sugar

Updated on November 24, 2017
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Stella has an avid interest in physical and mental health and fitness related issues and facts dealing with sound nutritional advice.

Don't Be Bowled Over By Sugar - It's Pure, White and Deadly!


Sweet Nothings

Sugar has no nutritional value whatsoever and is pure calories; it is more of a food additive than a food in its own right and is an ingredient used to sweeten almost every commercialised food product or drink - even when that item is supposedly savoury. It is too highly concentrated for the body to cope with and this is because the granulated sugar making process to extract sweetness from raw sugar cane results in a highly refined product that is pure carbohydrate but contains no useful nutritional value. Nobody needs sugar to survive. Humanity thrived for millennia sweetening food sparingly with honey and fruit juice. Cut out sugar from your diet and all foodstuffs that contain it and whatever else you eat you will find it difficult to pile on the pounds.

Sugar in Any Form is Unhealthy


Is Your Sweet Tooth Killing You?

When people are young they can get away with excess sugar intake but as they grow older many get what is known as maturity-onset diabetes when the body cannot deal with such a high sugar intake anymore.

If you suffer from an excess of indigestion and are moderately overweight this could be a precursor to diabetes so cut out the sugar and get instant relief from indigestion and see the pounds melt away!

Those who do have a significant weight problem would be wise to try to eliminate sugar altogether rather than just cut down on their sugar consumption. The reason for this is that even one sweet treat can destroy the strongest resolve. Sugar has similar addictive qualities to alcohol minus such severe mind-altering effects but it can entice you to eat more junk food and hence empty calories.

Cut sugar out completely and you will be less hungry and can get an opportunity to eat more of the foods that your body can utilise to optimum benefit.

Eating a diet rich in natural nutrients and goodness will ensure you don’t reach for highly concentrated sugar-loaded carbohydrates which will elevate blood sugar levels causing mood swings when the level drops. Eating a diet high in fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, nuts and whole grains easily provides the nourishment your body needs without the need for some sugar-laced ready meal that is overladen with an excess of spices and salt to enhance an otherwise unpalatable mush.

Sweet Temptations!


Willpower Begins At the Supermarket

Make sure that on every trip to the supermarket you take your glasses with you and allow yourself enough time to read the packaging. Be overly suspicious of items with print so small you would need the Hubble telescope to read it. The food in this sort of packet is no doubt so full of junk; you are definitely wasting your money and damaging your health.

The more and more ingredients something contains the more possibility that it is sugar-loaded junk. Banish such items from your trolley and concentrate on those that state clearly and simply what a certain product contains. A product has to say if it contains refined sugar even in a small quantity and it is your choice to avoid it by putting this item back on the shelf.

Be wary of other sugar products which are just sugar by another name such as fructose, high fructose corn syrup etc. Slimmers need to be aware that many low-fat products are often packed with sugar instead. The product has to taste of something and although calorie-controlled, they may still not be a healthy alternative.

Products containing refined sugar will often consist of other nutritionally useless products such as trans-fats and white flour as found in many popular bakery products and biscuits. It’s easy to grab a few biscuits whenever you have a coffee and fool yourself into thinking that you haven’t eaten much but remember your sugar intake will still have been high and these seemingly harmless nibbles can soon destroy any weight loss regime. Leave the biscuit barrel alone and try natural oatcakes or rice cakes instead to fill a gap between meals.

For those with an incorrigible sweet tooth all is not lost. Atkins nutritional products can assist you in keeping to a healthy weight loss programme and satisfy your craving for sweet things. Their range of low-carb products is designed with sugar addicts in mind.

Although experts are divided in their opinions regarding artificial sweeteners, those that have been classed as safe do have their place in the management of obesity. It is wise however not to overdo these products as they do tend to have a laxative effect and there is no substitute for a well-balanced wholesome meal that is nutritionally sound.

Sugar, Sugar

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Sugar Can Be As Dangerous As Alcohol

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