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Purine Rich Foods: The Top 7 To Avoid

Updated on May 25, 2016
Vegetables, fruits, and meat.
Vegetables, fruits, and meat.


The human body could not produce everything that it needs all on its own. In order to compensate for insufficiency, the brain fires signals to the body to consume food, thus, people feel hunger.

Food intake is crucial for human welfare and survival, and so starvation or lack of any food consumption would cause multiple organ failure, including the body’s control center, the brain, which would induce a lot of mental sickness like hallucinations and may even lead to insanity for some people.

Without food, people would not be able to function properly due to failure of various biochemical processes in the body. Due to lack of proper nutrition, one of the first to fail would be the body’s immune system because it would not be able to rapidly synthesize the anti-bodies needed to fight the different pathogens that would enter the body.


Significantly, people are advised to take high purine foods considering that one of the most important compounds that the body needs are the purines (adenosine or guanine), which could be found in different food that we eat.

Purine is a nitrogen-containing compound, a nucleoside that combines with deoxyribose, or ribose, and becoming a highly crucial part of DNA, or RNA. DNA is the genetic material of each person, and without this, survival is not possible, the same way with RNA, which synthesizes proteins that are considered fundamental to life and its processes.

For years, scientist conducted studies in order to find high purine foods, not because it is recommended, but because it is considered as a primary cause of hyperuricemia, or high uric acid, which leads to acquisition of the inflammatory arthritis called gout.

However, high purine foods could also be beneficial to the human health if monitored properly and taken moderately as it serves as an awesome anti-oxidant that cleanses free radicals in the body.

Purine Rich Foods

  1. Seafood - this food group has the highest source of purine. Some of the examples include fishes such as anchovies, mackerel, and herring. Other examples include mussels, scallops, shrimps, sardines, which may be rich in omega-3 but just as rich in purine, tuna, lobster, and oysters.
  2. Meat - pork, venison, beef which means that the beloved bacon is purine-rich as well, rabbit, turkey that are common in sandwiches around the world, veal, poultry, and duck. Of all this, however, organ meat has the highest purine content, and is best avoided.
  3. Chicken – this food is the most prevalent menu in today’s society and people eat this almost every day, and there is really no need to remove this in the daily diet. Consuming small amounts is still suggested.
  4. Tofu – this food which is made of soybeans have half as much purine as meat, so it is best to lessen intake of tofu when eating a Chinese take-out.
  5. Vegetables – green leafy vegetables that people are forced to eat as children are discovered as high purine foods. With varieties of vegetables, it is quite hard to pin-point which should be eaten in greater quantity than the other, but some studies said that mushrooms, spinach, asparagus, and cauliflower have the highest amount of purine.
  6. Fruits – sweet fruits that are sometimes included in people’s desert are also a source of purines, especially peach, pear, pineapple, and plum.
  7. Yeast – alcoholic beverages are very rich in yeast, and beer is said to be the biggest offender because it could immediately raise a person’s uric acid due to its high level of purine.


As mentioned above, these high purine foods are cited both as a caution and recommendation. People does not need to immediately remove all of this in their daily diet, but limiting the consumption is the ideal action. Every food could be bad for the health, and would only be beneficial if taken in moderately.


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