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Push-ups or Dancing?

Updated on May 4, 2013
The Path of Your Life is up to You.
The Path of Your Life is up to You.

Why do we need to exercise?

Primitive man spent lots of time running for survival. Those who were strong, and physically fit, were able to survive. As man continued in the evolutionary path towards today, he continued to create inventions to help himself in his quest towards survival. He began to make weapons to defend himself and helps to provide food, learned how to make fire to cook his food, and tried methods of preserving food because he learned that he must not eat stale foods or he would get ill. Most likely, primitive man learned by trial and error as children do; using his or her senses as a guide. Times were tough for those early humans and they needed to be physically fit to survive. “Survival of the Fittest.”

As time continued, man used his intellect and began to try new inventions to make life more comfortable. Despite the “primitive nature” of war, during periods of war, man came together in an intellectual effort to devise new ways to protect themselves and the ones they love. In the 18th century, man began the first “Industrial Revolution”– or the birth of modern manufacturing. Man learned how to replace animal labor with machines and developed the Steam Engine, the Cotton Gin, and exchangeable parts for muskets. In the 19th Century, the Industrial Revolution began when man developed the Steamboat, the telegraph, sewing machines, the telephone, the transatlantic cable, incandescent light bulbs, electric motors, and diesel engines. In the 20th century, Technology, science, and inventions have progressed at an accelerated rate. Man developed the first airplane, the Model T Ford, adhesive tape, the aqualung, television, photographic paper, plastic, first non-leaking ballpoint pen, bandages for wounds, bar codes or U.P.C. codes for identification, bathysphere for underwater breathing, automatic commercial bread slicer, xerography to make copies, rubber substitute, adhesives, foodstuffs, dyes, pigments, cat's eye road reflector to keep folks on the road, cellophane, cell phone, chocolate chips, crayons, disposable diapers, phonograph record, gas mask, washing machine, dishwasher, sweeper, clothes dryers, Geiger counters, geologic time scale, liquid-fueled rockets, microelectrode, Polaroid camera, life savers, life vests, microwave oven, Q-tips, Radar, Radio, Polio vaccine, first aerosol can, zipper, tea bags, Velcro, Popsicles, and in 1905 Frances Gabe invented the self-cleaning house, the first all-purpose, and the first all-electronic digital computer was developed in a team effort in1907 by physicist John William Mauchly and electrical engineer John Presper Eckert, Jr. at the University of Pennsylvania. The list goes on, as the 20th Century was a flurry of invention. And with each invention some task was eliminated. Like the 18th Century that removed animal labor with machines, the 20th Century removed lots of physically laborious jobs away from mankind. When invention removes the labor of the past it both helps and hinders man. In the 20th century man no longer needed to wash their plates, they did not have to hand wash the laundry, hang wet clothing on a line, sweep using a broom, and the list goes on.

With the advent of all these wonderful inventions, came the release of human labor. Man no longer needed to pound the clothing, moving up and down rubbing them on a wash board, no longer needed to wash the dishes by hand, no longer needed to pull the little red wagon to the store with junior to get groceries. What occurred was that man sat down more often. He sat typing, reading, watching TV, eating, in the office, or stood in one place in an assembly line, behind the counter, always doing one task rather than many. Invention has lead to comfort, but caused misuse and thereby abuse of the human body.

What modern invention replaced was exercise. And in the 21st Century, man suffers being over weight. Wonder why?

Those born before the 20th Century are living longer and are physically stronger than those who were born after. It may not be because of medical invention; it may be because they exercised more growing up. After it has been proven that physical exercise enhances muscular strength and overall good health. Arthritis and many muscular diseased are connected to lack of muscle strength and when individuals do physical therapy to promote strengthening of their muscles and cardiovascular system they reduce pain and assist in healing. Exercise is not only important in weight loss but also body maintenance. It has been proven that regular physical exercise boosts the immune system. Most experts today believe that diet alone will not work to help control or maintain a healthy weight.

Okay so Push Ups or Dancing?

There are numerous exercises designed to burn abdominal fat. Military style stomach exercises, the use of numerous gadgets that swivel, bend, the help of standing equipment you pull or push, and walking, jogging, full out running, and twice weekly visiting the gym to pound the treadmill or use the exercise machines. Novices tend to get injured when they take their body on these excursions, because the human body is not like a machine, it needs to do things in increments or you will feel it. There is no exercise that is just right for everyone. There are fitness centers almost on every other street corner to offer socialization with your fitness exercise programs. Here are some popular exercise programs: If you choose to exercise in the comfort of your home, there is equipment you can pay monthly for or do simple workout programs. Some include mountain climbing others walking. Author Jorge Cruise, suggests eight (8) min. exercise in the morning to loose pounds by working on two muscle groups each day Build positive attitude about exercise. Author Michael Thurmond, suggests an exercise approach to weight loss. Moderate 45-60 min. walking or slow jog everyday. Eat slow burning foods. And, Author Bob Greene’s weight loss philosophy suggests: Gradual increases daily exercise; making fixed menus. Avoid emotional binge eating. So, they say that exercising just 30 to 60 minutes a day will do the trick.

But you do not have to go walking, jogging or do push ups. You can dance. Experts tell us that dance fitness videos are not only exciting but are also effective. Some dance exercise program information can be easily found on the Internet and there are numerous videos at any Borders Book Store. Dancing to loose weight focuses on dance weight loss programs that use Dance Moves designed to raise your heart rate and tone and tighten your entire core at the same time. Dance works for those who are healthy enough to do it because heavy fast beats create hypnotic rhythms that are easy-to-follow. The goal is to make exercise “fun” so that people will want you to want to dance and work out. Fitness Clubs are found on almost every other street corner and Dance Studios are also numerous all designed to help you keep your entire core tight, toned ABS without doing sit-ups or crunches. Dancing 35 minutes a day will do the trick, they say.

Anything you do to help your body maintain and promote strengthening of your muscles and cardiovascular system will only help you. So, do you want to dance or do pushups?


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  • Galadriel Arwen profile image

    Galadriel Arwen 7 years ago from USA

    Yes, people need to exercise to become physically fit and have muscular strength. If they work sitting all day and all night they are more at risk of illness and are less likely to avoid muscle pains associated with atrophy; a decrease in the mass of the muscle that can be a partial or complete wasting away of muscle.

  • profile image

    Emerging Technology Blog 7 years ago

    With the invention of latest technologies our physical effort have reduced. That is why people who were born before are much stronger then the ones today.

  • Angelique Loux profile image

    Angelique Loux 7 years ago from Ohio

    Great Hub :) Come checkout my hubs.