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Putting the Toilet Lid Down

Updated on May 3, 2012

Lids to help remind people to close the lid

So when I was growing up we had our toilet down the opposite end of the house from the bathroom. We were also taught to always close the lid of the toilet before flushing it. It seems that now days most toilets are located in the same room as the bathroom. I have also found that more and more people don't put the toilet lid down. And many males don't even put down the toilet seat.

I'm unsure why this has happened though I have also been guilty of not putting down the lid. Not for quite a while though as after I saw a programme on T.V. where they showed by dye the mist that came out of a toilet when it was flushed. ewwwww. I almost threw up and definitely raced out to buy new toothbrushes.

The Mist

The mist that rises out of your toilet goes upwards and outwards and can travel as far as 6 feet. I found I was slighty off in this ...

Studies have shown that the water droplets in an invisible cloud travel six to eight feet out and up, so the areas of the bathroom not directly adjacent the toilet are still contaminated.

Scientists tested toothbrushes, walls, ceilings, floors, toilet rolls, showers, baths, doors and sinks and all those places tested posative for streptococcus, staphylococcus, E. coli and shigella bacteria. ewwwww.

Close the Toilet Lid

It seems silly to me that people would prefer to have a fine mist of urine and feacle matter landing all over their bathrooms when all they have to do to stop it is to shut the lid of the toilet.

When the lid is closed the mist rises hitting the lid of the toilet and settling upon it. Sounds good to me. So is it that people don't realise that this is happening or do people not care if they brush their teeth with a toothbrush contaminated with streptococcus, staphylococcus, E. coli and shigella bacteria.

Imagine all those same people have a shower in an area contaminated with these same things then walk barefoot across the infected floor or step onto an infected bathmat. dry their hands on infected hand towels. yummm


What can you do?

For a start clean your bathroom with even more care than you would usually. Remember that all areas are equally affected by the spray. Don't forget to clean the ceiling as this can be a fabulous breading ground for germs as it is often damp in bathrooms due to the steam from showers etc.Make sure you use antibacterial cleaners. The sink area teems with bacteria so give it a good scrub.

In public bathrooms hot-air hand dryers can actually increase the bacteria on hands by 162 percent. Paper towels actually decrease bacteria by 29 percent

Wash your hands really really well - If you're still not convinced that bacteria exist in any significant quantities on your hands, consider this ... kitchen sinks actually harbors the most fecal matter in the average home. A tablespoon of bleach in a cup of warm water on the offending sink will fix the situation.

If after reading this you choose to still leave the toilet seat up when you flush please don't ask me over for coffee. Well now that I've put myself off eating any lunch today I believe I might go do some cleaning. have a nice day


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    • Natashalh profile image

      Natasha 5 years ago from Hawaii

      I love it! For months, I have been trying to convince my roomates to at least put the lid down if they use my bathroom. If they want nasty stuff all over their things, that's their business, but I can always tell if one of them uses my bathroom because they leave the lid up! Terrible.

      Voted up, awesome, and useful.

    • Lyn.Stewart profile image

      Lyn.Stewart 6 years ago from Auckland, New Zealand

      Im always pleased to know I have opened someones eyes to this moonfairy.

    • moonfairy profile image

      moonfairy 6 years ago

      ewwwwwww. that's disgusting!!! I had no idea but will from now on close the lid. Luckily everything in my bathroom is IN some drawer or closet so all is safe =)

    • Lyn.Stewart profile image

      Lyn.Stewart 6 years ago from Auckland, New Zealand

      I agree Phil. Thanks for stopping by and lets hope more people are made aware of these facts. Especially when so many bathrooms have the toilet in them these days instead of it a separate room like they used to be.

    • Phil Plasma profile image

      Phil Plasma 6 years ago from Montreal, Quebec

      Indeed this is an important tip of which an insufficient number of people have been made aware. Voted up and useful.

    • Lyn.Stewart profile image

      Lyn.Stewart 6 years ago from Auckland, New Zealand

      lol Hubby ... the women in your home are very welcome

    • Lyn.Stewart profile image

      Lyn.Stewart 6 years ago from Auckland, New Zealand

      ewwww marcoujor ... now Ive lost my appetite again thinking about a pet eating ewwwww

      Thanks for reading the hub though lol

    • marcoujor profile image

      Maria Jordan 6 years ago from Jeffersonville PA

      Oh heck, yeah... listen to LYN and "keep it shut..." (heaven forbid if your pet is of the inclination to indulge as well...)~~ Voted UP & USEFUL (and thank you, I no longer am craving a night-time snack!!)

    • Lyn.Stewart profile image

      Lyn.Stewart 6 years ago from Auckland, New Zealand

      I'm glad that I could open your eyes about this issue ... I must admitt it definitely made me always shut the lid after reading some of the statistics.

    • WillStarr profile image

      WillStarr 6 years ago from Phoenix, Arizona

      Whoa! I've never heard of this!