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Qlink (Q Link) Products: Pendants, Bracelets & Optimizers

Updated on January 2, 2014
Clarus Q-LINK Brushed SRT3 Gold Pebble Golf Pendant
Clarus Q-LINK Brushed SRT3 Gold Pebble Golf Pendant

What is Q-Link, Does It Work

Q Link is an incredible new company that is specializing different innovative products involving mental and physical health, and they have the most advanced personal energy system available today. Some of the products are the Q-Link Mini Wellness button, Acrylic pendants, steel bracelets, and different optimizers for computer USB port, and they even have few products just for animals including Equine Pendant for horses and Qlink pet link pendant. They are not ordinary good luck charms, and have nothing to do with jewelry. They are a mixture of science and alternative energy combined to create a calm and positive effect on your body that will balance and clarify your energies, reduce the effects of stress on your mind & body, enhance your well-being, increase your daily performance, improve the quality of your life. They have been used by many athletes. People who wear a Q-Link reportedly having clearer thinking, increased awareness, calmness, better sleep, enhanced mental focus, stamina, vitality and more. Wearing these pendants or bracelets have made real differences to their energy level and auric field.

Q-Link Mini Wellness Button

One of these is the Q-Link Mini Wellness button. Although it may seem small, the Q-Link Mini is proven to have a noticeable impact on wellness, energy, and stress. Although I do not understand the complete science behind this new product, it works well for many people. The Q-Link Mini comes in three colors: hot pink, teal, and black. Wear them during walks, workouts, or any time during the day. They improve sleep as well, so if you have problems sleeping at night, they would make a good solution to it. Other than that, the Q-link Mini can be brought to school for kids. It will help them concentrate on tests, and gives them more energy. I would recommend the Q-Link wellness button to anyone, since it is completely safe, and effective.

Q-Link Silver Retro SRT-3 Pendant
Q-Link Silver Retro SRT-3 Pendant

Q-Link Pendants

The Qlink Pendant comes in many colors, hot pink, orange, deep blue, black, and also in different shapes. The first is Acrylic, which is triangular shaped, with a coil of sorts, containing copper, and connected to a black string. It can be opened, showing the inside. Another is a “Pebble” pendant, which has a stylish, free-form pebble shape, and it is also called Qlink pebble golf pendant, this one is my favorite. They can be found in glossy gold, or silver. This is the same for the Retro pendant. They can be worn by both men and women as a signature piece, dressed up or down.

Sabona Lady Q-Link Bracelet
Sabona Lady Q-Link Bracelet

Q-Link Bracelets

Men and women’s stainless steel is a plain metal bracelet with a few markings to make it look more fashionable. Although the look of Q-link bracelet is not very pleasing from the fashion angle, it works just as well, weighing a little under a pound. It comes with the same power as the SRT-3 pendant, releasing stress the moment it is put on. The stainless steel is polished thoroughly and is hard to break or smudge. The new Unisex Titanium bracelet weighs much less than stainless steel, and is more comfortable. The sides are capable of flexibility to fit almost anyone, and uses a laser etched serial number and new dual SRT-3 wafer design for better performance. It protects against EMF in particular, and is available in different sizes. Men’s Sabona and a few other types have a flexible joint design and come in different styles.

Small: 6.5 and Under - Medium: 6.5 - 7.0 - Large: 7.0 and Above

Q-Link for Pets & Horses

Qlink has also created few products just for animals, that includes Q-Link Pet Link and couple of Equine horse pendants (as of this writing). Before QLink produces anything specifically for animals, some Q-link wearers have tried attaching standard acrylic Q-Link pendants to their pet's collars, only to discover that their pets appeared to be more relaxed and less hyperactive, even seemingly more able to cope with various ailments. A Q-Link pet trial was later conducted and the results were overwhelming, that lead to the development of a unique product for domestic pets and horses. The idea behind is that that new pet specific SRT can benefit animals the same ways it does humans, and it indeed worked! The Q-Link Pet Link Pendant is compact, light, hypo-allergenic, waterproof and ideal for domestic animals of all sizes.

Q-Link Optimizers - Blue & Pink Nimbus
Q-Link Optimizers - Blue & Pink Nimbus

Q-Link Optimizers

Optimizers are plug-ins for your computer to reduce the negative effect of EMF, which causes cancer. They are essential for offices, work places, or just for places that may have a harmful environment. A Nimbus works well with those who have a Q-Link SRT product. Individuals who spend most of the day stuck on the computer for any reasons should use them whenever possible to maximize effect. They are easy to take around too, for they are small enough to fit in a pocket. There is no software required. USB caps can be used to cover in case. Optimizers of any variety can be plugged into PC, MAC, USB, or hub computers. It will effortlessly generate a 70 foot range to reduce negative effects. Apart to this, they will also have a small effect for well-being and performance. They are rechargeable and light, cordless, and you can bring them anywhere without hassle.


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