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Quantum Energetic Disciplines™ (QED): Energy Healing Techniques Founded by Jo Dunning

Updated on August 22, 2017

Jo Dunning, founder of Quantum Energetic Disciplines™ is a regularly featured guest on several online interview shows, including Jennifer McClean's Healing with the Masters series.

What is Quantum Energetic Disciplines™?

Energy healing has been around for centuries, and while a particular technique may be new to us, chances are it has been around in some form or another before it was ever revealed to, developed or rediscovered by its founder. Such may be the case with Jo Dunning, who discovered her own gifts of healing following a traumatic life event over 25 years ago. After developing The Advanced Pulse Technique, Ms. Dunning took a trip to India and found that a very similar technique was also being practiced there. For those in the field of energy medicine, this is no surprise, considering the commonly-held experience that all healing comes from the same Source, a Source that goes by many names (i.e. God, Spirit, Universal Life Force) depending on our tradition and background. While the energy healing techniques founded by Jo Dunning are no exception to this rule, Ms. Dunning has discovered a definitive way to share her gift with others, teaching them to connect with Source in a way that promotes healing. The result is a “new” branch of energy medicine, introduced to the world more than 17 years ago, known today as Quantum Energetic Disciplines™.

Quantum Energetic Disciplines™ (QED) is the umbrella under which the numerous alternative healing techniques developed by Jo Dunning fall. The most well-known of these techniques are The Advanced Pulse Technique, and more recently, The Quick Pulse©, which is now the cornerstone of QED. There are several other QED techniques including the Rolodex©, Energy Clearing and Balancing©, Direct Energy©, Energy Field Reweaving©, Entwined Energy Field Release©, Primary Triad© and Energy Package Clearing©, to name a few.

In each of the QED techniques, practitioners have learned to connect with Source in a unique way that facilitates changes in the areas where clients would like to see improvements in their lives. These areas might be mental, emotional, physical or spiritual in nature. Clients of this work have addressed topics ranging from health concerns and fears, to everyday annoyances, deep-seated rage and traumatic childhood issues. Any topic is fair game.

What is a Session Like?

Individual and group sessions can be held in person and remotely. With many of the techniques, a single process takes only three to five minutes to complete. This allows a client to address multiple issues over the course of a half-hour or one-hour session. While there is conversation in between processes, the actual processes are conducted in silence, usually with the practitioner and client(s) seated across from each other or on the phone. Before the QED practitioner begins the “energy work”, clients are typically instructed to place their attention in certain areas of their bodies, or to direct their thoughts in specific ways, depending on which processes they are experiencing. Sometimes, clients just rest quietly, which is the case with Direct Energy©, a hands-on technique. Rather than planning which techniques are going to be used in a session, practitioners are trained to direct the session in a way that allows the deepest work to be done on the issues that arise.

People from all around the world gather annually at Jo Dunning's Fall retreats.

Practitioners of Quantum Energetic Disciplines™

To date, individuals practicing Quantum Energetic Disciplines™ have received training directly from Jo Dunning. Training includes a combination of instruction, an initiation, practice time and coaching. With the exception of the Quick Pulse©, which was introduced in 2010, practitioners intending to offer QED techniques professionally have been required to successfully complete a six-month apprenticeship (also known as a practicum) for each technique. Practicums offer new practitioners an opportunity to work with volunteers and receive ongoing coaching, allowing them to hone their skills and demonstrate competency before certification is awarded by Jo Dunning.

Jo Dunning is currently the only person leading training in Quantum Energetic Disciplines™. Practitioners (author included) and clients convene regularly via conference calls, retreats and trainings. These events, combined with word of mouth and Jo Dunning’s role as a regularly featured guest on several online interview shows, contribute to the steadily rising number of QED practitioners that now span the globe.


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