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Quick Fat Loss Tips and Quick Weight Loss Guide

Updated on November 9, 2010

Over the Last thirty days I've truly was able to get rid of 14.1 lbs with really small but quick weight loss tips. The two main tools I utilized to assist me to burn fat and enhance my fat loss are the Wii fit and a one liter water bottle. Those are the only two things aside from my very own weight that helped me quickly lose weight. Please take into account that this is not a short-term fix, the next 10 points will allow you to lose weight, these aren't weight loss diets or a weight loss guide, and they’re merely the guidelines I used and carry on using nowadays!

Now also notice that I’m six feet tall and began at 214 some odd pounds, so your weight loss and final results will be different. I simply ensured that each day I consumed four liters of water (just over a gallon). My diet and food choices did not vary too much I added more greens to my diet but I still venture out every weekend and have six to seven drinks but I don't eat take out unless you consider a subway cold cut with veggies and sub sauce fast food.

So below are a few quick weight loss tips or guides to assist you accomplishing your weight loss ambitions!

Weight loss tips

1) Modify your eating habits – “dieting” implies a temporary procedure with an eventual end. Shift your attitude to “I’m now planning to eat healthy” and you will be much more devoted to a life-long goal. It’s much simpler to avoid eating unhealthy when it does not fit into your “lifestyle” when compared with when it doesn’t match your “diet”.

2) Do NOT Go Famished – reducing your weight does not mean you need to be starving constantly. Actually, if you are letting yourself to go famished often, you are doing yourself harm by slowing your metabolic process. As opposed to eating until you get “full”, make an effort to consume less, but eat more frequently. It may feel counterproductive to graze during the day, but if you're able to adjust to some more regular eating plan – you’ll observe elevated vitality, less food cravings, and eventually a lower number of pounds.

3) Get rid of Soda & Juice – one of the better (and simplest) adjustments you may make is to eliminate any sweet drinks out of your eating habits (including: fruit juices, sweet coffee drinks, and soda). These kinds of beverages offer just empty calories and a blood insulin increase that leaves you starving and drained. Minimize these out entirely and you’ll certainly notice a difference.

4) Decrease Carbohydrates, Boost Proteins – eliminate as much needless carbohydrates from your eating plan as you possibly can. If you are going to take in bread or spaghetti, strive for the 100% whole-grain varieties. Although most refined carbs are fat-free, they are in essence pure glucose in an alternative form. If you’ve ever eaten a massive bagel simply to be starving an hour or so later, you realize what I’m discussing. Rather, replace the carbs in your eating plan with lean proteins and healthy fats (celery with peanut butter, whole nuts, and chicken breasts).

5) Keep Active – start off small (take the stairways as opposed to the escalator, park even further away) and steadily work your way up to moderately-intense exercise no less than four days a week. The very best exercise for weight loss is the one which you’re making time for! Select an activity that you like (or can at least put up with) and make sure you stay with it.

Weight loss tips

5) Keep Active – start off small (take the stairways as opposed to the escalator, park even further away) and steadily work your way up to moderately-intense exercise no less than four days a week. The very best exercise for weight loss is the one which you’re making time for! Select an activity that you like (or can at least put up with) and make sure you stay with it.

6) Improve Your Surroundings – realize which unhealthy food is likely to trip you up (for me it was high sodium snacks – potato chips, pretzels) and totally remove them from your environment. Do not even buy foods that you already know are bad and you don't have to produce the will-power never to eat them. On the other hand, buy healthy foods (even if it doesn't sound attractive at the time) and you’ll be much more likely to succeed in for these superior alternatives during times of hunger.

7) Cease eating Deep fried foods – there aren't any appropriate reasons to eat French fries, donuts, fried chicken, or anything else which has ever seen the inside of a deep fryer. Better options are accessible.

8) All that makes a difference is you vs. you – do not compare yourself and your progress to other people. In the end, everything that really matters is improvement which you’ve produced relative to yourself. Take pride in any improvement that you make and do not try to find external criteria to gauge your own individual improvement.

9) Weigh Yourself Very sporadically – your weight can change significantly on a day-to-day basis and actually throughout the day. I tend to vary between to pounds from the morning to night one of the best methods to determine your own success is by just how your clothing fit and how you appear in the mirror. If you are motivated to weigh yourself frequently, reduce it to once every two weeks and make sure it’s during the same time frame every day (when you initially wake up for example).

10) Understand that you’re Worth It – It’s not effortless, but practically nothing worth doing ever is. There are going to be occasions when it appears as though maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the most difficult issue on earth to do. Realize that the end results are over and above worth every difficult moment. It is possible and you owe it to yourself to get it done!

Weight Loss Guide

It's the little points that matter. I credit part of my achievement to performing little items which make a positive change over time. Park your car at the farthest end of the parking lot at work, and at stores. Walk to the furthest toilet from where you're at work. Walk on your lunches and breaks. The drive and energy it will take for you to walk uses up calories from fat, particularly when you're still large. Overtime it all accumulates. Walking is good for you, do it as frequently as you can

Below is my change in 30 days

McConnell Group's Very Own Shawn McConnells Fat Loss

Side View
Side View
Front View
Front View
Start Date Oct 2nd 212.5
Start Date Oct 2nd 212.5
October 31st 198.4  Loss of 14.1 lbs
October 31st 198.4 Loss of 14.1 lbs


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    • sherrylou57 profile image


      8 years ago from Riverside

      Good for you, keep up the good works


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