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Quick Self Improvement Tips to Change Your Life!

Updated on May 21, 2020
Zura Khan profile image

Being a psychotherapist & trainer, I will provide you with quick self-improvement tips that will make your better & groom your personality!


What is Self-improvement?

Firstly, we need to understand the term, self-improvement. As it is a term that is most used in personal development as well as in motivation. If we talk about the definition then "self-improvement" is related to the actions, behaviors that a person adopts for himself to make him a better person!

Therefore, "self-development", "self-improvement" and, "Self-help" go hand in hand in motivational psychology. Self-improvement includes everything like your self-confidence, your habits and routines, your thinking styles and patterns, your perceptions towards things, etc.

This is the reason we talk about self-improvement when we want to groom ourselves or have clients regarding personal coaching!

Tips & Hacks For your "Self Improvement" plans!

If you are really passionate about your personal growth and want self-help plans for that, then this is the right article for you! Let's consider the following quick tips for your self-growth as well as self-improvement.

Self-Awareness is the key!

Before we dive into the topic we need to consider an important aspect that plays a crucial part whenever we are on the way to improve ourselves. Furthermore, your personal development, growth, and everything revolves around the first point that is: "Self-Awareness". Do you want to know how? Yes, the answer is in order to groom yourself or to make any changes in your personality, habits, and lifestyles, you need to get self-aware of your personality!

If you don't have any idea about your current situation or habits, lifestyle, etc then how would you be able to make necessary changes for a better self?

Take a deep breath and start to understand yourself better! Think about all the aspects of your personality, your daily routines, your perspectives and approach towards life, the way you go for things, the lifestyle you are currently in. All these things need your "insight" first!

Because, once you get to know yourself better then you are absolutely ready to adopt important changes for self-growth!


Take Baby Steps towards Improvement!

You need to be patient to make changes in your personality. Why? because you are following a pattern for years now. And if want a change in ourselves, we need to give it time. So, taking baby steps would help you in a long way!

In addition to that, make small changes in your life patterns and habits. Abrupt change may lead you to frustration as your mind and body is not really ready to accept a sudden change in your behavior. Thus, taking small yet effective steps to improve yourself will allow you to grow better!

Challenge Your Fears

The first tip or trick in self-improvement is to challenge your fears. There are many people who want to achieve a goal but couldn't because their fears come in their way and become a hurdle to accomplish the outcomes.

So challenging your fears in a productive way and then overcoming them will make you a "less-vulnerable" person and open up the new ways towards your growth.

Polish Your Skills

As you know everyone is blessed with anything unique. For instance, a person may be a singer, a painter, a trainer, a speaker, or a good swimmer. In short, everyone is gifted by anything unique. But what is needed? you need to polish your skills. Additionally, you need to put your efforts to polish your skills regarding your aptitude.

Let's say...

You can understand by an example that there is a person who is a good speaker. But he has stage phobia or fears to face a crowed. He needs to develop an insight into his fears and understand the fact that he could speak well.

So, for self-improvement, what he would do? He would challenge his fears and start with baby steps in overcoming his stage phobia. Once he is not afraid to face crowds. He could polish his speaking skills. And that may include increasing or improving his vocabulary. Or learning a good accent or learning a new language, or anything that will polish and level-ups his skills.


Towards a set of "New Habits"

If you are reading this article, then it is for sure that you are ready to improve yourself. And for that, you need to make a change in your old habits. Yes, you read it right!

It is important and foremost to change your old habits and lifestyle if it contains habits that you think are not helping you.

Let's have a look at a few quick tips to improve yourself by making small changes in your old habits:

Setting a Morning Routine!

Starting your day with a fresh start making you feel "energetic" throughout the day. But the question is HOW!! Make a routine to exercise, or to walk, or to meditate. As almost all the self coaches emphasize waking up early! You know why? Because when you meditate or indulge in any physical exercise at the start of your day, your body gets energized and then you are good to go for your routine tasks!

Spend time Reading!

Another important point to consider in self-improvement is increasing your habit of "reading". As, the world got digitalized we have become far from book-reading. Books are the rich source of knowledge, wisdom, etc and they help a person to think in a more imaginative manner. Which ultimately, increases the cognitive abilities of the person. You can talk on any topic with a well-read person. That is why, going to make a habit to read will definitely help you, groom!

Plan a to-do List!

As, we are discussing the change of habits. There must be a planner that includes a to-do list of your day to day activities as well as tasks. It will help to schedule your priority tasks. And you can keep a record of your routine in this way.

Avoid the company of the "Negative People"!

If you are on the way towards a "better-self" then it is important for you to keep a check on the type of the company you are mostly surrounded by! As, the negative people may make you feel less motivated. It could also happen that they may reflect their own negative life experiences on you.

Thus, it is better to surround yourself with confident, positive, healthy-minded people. So that you also feel highly motivated by getting inspirations from their healthy habits.


Starting a Self-improvement Blog/Journal!

Starting of a self-development blog or a journal is always a good idea. As, personal blogs or journals help you upload your personal journey which will not only motivate others but will also keep you motivated.

When you start sharing your journey there are expectations of the people that get attached to your journey. And then you will keep on working on yourself. Additionally, self-help journals will also give you better self-awareness.

Thus, starting a self-improvement journal/blog could be a helpful idea on your better self-journey!

Start a 30-day Challenge Plan!

Setting a time limit is also an efficient way to motivate yourself. As, it keeps you follow the pattern to meet the criteria by the end of your challenge. furthermore, your challenge plan may vary according to your capacity! For instance, it could be a 30 day, or a 40 day, or a 50-day plan! Whatever suits you!

Work on your Emotions!

Another important tip for self-improvement is to keep an eye on your emotions. Especially, your intense emotions like aggression, frustration, jealousy, etc. All these negative emotions are unhealthy for your lifestyle. As, the negative emotions will also ruin your self-confidence and self-esteem!

So, always try to feel positive and keep a positive approach towards life. Feeling positive emotions will boost your self-worth and improve your personality as well.



Conclusively, by making small changes in your life you can improve yourself. And you can also help others by inspiring them with your self-growth journey!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Zura Rubab Khan


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