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Quick, Simple Get-Healthy Detox

Updated on July 21, 2016

Food is Still Good.

Let me start off by saying: I am not a nutritionist, but like so many others, I have had to work hard to find the right balance of food and exercise for me. I work hard, week by week, to maintain an active lifestyle of traveling, running long distances, performing, and just attempting to live this all to the fullest. That being said, I still have my crashing point once in awhile - suddenly low on energy, feeling like my clothes are tighter and my runs aren't as long or fast. Usually in those weeks, I already know why this has happened: maybe I took on too many things that week and have been drinking twice as much coffee as normal. Maybe it was a holiday and I ingested every cake and candy in sight and am now hooked on sugar. Whatever the case - some kind of diet overhaul is a good way to go.

This is not a "master cleanse"- it is not a juicing diet, it does not require any weird teas or supplements (although I will recommend some that work well for me). It is just a way to get back to basics, eat clean, and most people - if carrying it out correctly - will lose some pounds in the process as well. I usually lose 3-10 pounds within the first 10 days, depending on how intensely I do this.

What You Remove:

Any added sugar. This includes:

  • Granulated, powder, brown sugars (any added sugars whatsoever)
  • Honey
  • Agave Nectar
  • Maple syrup
  • Juice
  • Sweets of all kinds.

This does not include: Anything with intrinsic sugars - fruits, dates, breads, almond or soy (or dairy, if you are not removing dairy for this detox) milk, or stevia.

Alcohol. Yep, all of it, sorry. This also should include any drugs (hope this goes without saying), weed, or any pain killers that include acetaminophen, unless ABSOLUTELY necessary. But I should note that if you are currently being treated for a health problem or injury, you should absolutely consult your doc before embarking on a cleanse or detox.

Caffeine: You may have one cup of coffee in the morning for the first 5 days, but the key is to wean yourself off of this as much as possible. It will help so much with finding your natural energy, you will see way less of a crash midday, and you will sleep better at night. Also, your 'fuse' in general will be more even-keeled. Trust me on this - by the end of the 10 days, you should feel like you do not need coffee in the morning anymore. Also to eliminate with this: Any energy drinks (obviously) and excess levels of cacao.

Optional (but this helps significantly): Dairy: Replace dairy milk with almond or rice milk. Remove cheese and opt for things like hummus or avocado as a spread. No mayo, sour cream, creams of any kind. No egg yolks. (Egg whites are allowed).

What You Add:

: At least 8 glasses a day. This should cleanse the kidneys, liver, and flush the system in general when included with the removal of the above. A full glass of water in the morning as soon as you wake up, and a full glass before every single meal or snack, and in the midday. Also recommended (but not required):

  • Coconut water.
  • Green tea, to replace coffee in the morning and keep energy levels high throughout the day. This is a great way to detox, will curb appetite and sugar cravings, and will also calm nerves and anxiety/ stress.
  • Detox teas can also be found in your everyday grocery stores, but be careful to read what is included - some detox teas are very hard on the system and intended to act as laxatives.
  • Lemon. This one is my favorite for everyday use, no matter what. If you add lemon to your water throughout the day you will accelerate the detox process, feel a natural energy boost and strengthen your immune system.
  • Ginger. If you cut some slices of ginger and boil them with lemon and water, you have an amazing drink - quick natural energizer, antiseptic, and treatment for stomach issues you may be fighting off as you adjust to the changes in your diet, as well as a digestive aid.

Veggies: Though fruits are not eliminated with this cleanse, they do include a lot of sugars and doubling up on vegetables - especially green ones like spinach, broccoli, cucumbers, celery, and so on - can keep cravings at bay, keep your appetite in a healthy place, keep your energy levels high and replenish the vitamins you are low on.

Exercise (Or sweating it out once a day): This is a critical part of this detox. Sweating is a natural detoxification process your body goes through. You want to exercise hard for about 20 minutes a day (for me, this is almost always running, but yoga is a great option, cycling, whatever you like to do most), and make sure you are breaking a sweat the whole time. As soon as you are done, hop in the shower to rinse off the toxins. Follow up with a big glass of coconut water (or regular H20) or tea.

Do this every day for 10 days, and watch the difference in your skin, energy, weight, and productivity. I promise if done correctly, you will feel an improvement!


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