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Quick Ways to Lose Weight and Dieting

Updated on January 10, 2018

There are several quick ways to lose weight, however the objective needs to be not only fast, but safe and healthy. While a lot of the methods, we found, presented themselves as easy alternatives the opposite is often true. Some of the methods you can use to lose weight fast are listed below. Please remember these are only the different ways we found and we are NOT recommending any of them specifically, and are DEFINITELY NOT recommending any of these activities be taken up without consulting your doctor first.

  • Diet Pills
  • Fasting (going without food altogether)
  • Taking up smoking cigarettes
  • Substituting food intake with water
  • Swimming
  • Cycling
  • Jogging
  • Reducing fat intake
  • Reducing carbohydrate intake
  • Rowing machines
  • Power walking
  • Hard physical labor

Obviously this list is far from exhausted and does not constitute any sought of suggested or advised activity list. These are only certain methods people do use as quick ways to use weight. Any one of them may appeal to you, and it is possible that your doctor could recommend a course of action which involves parts of each one.

There are a lot of choices out there. What you need to do is find the one which suits your lifestyle best. You need to consider certain aspects of your life. These are contained in the following brief:

  • How much time do you have spare each day? (30 minutes – 2 hours?)
  • How much money are you prepared to invest in your health? ($50.00 – 500.00?)
  • What level of physical fitness do you wish to achieve (strong, muscles or tight abs, good cardio etc?)
  • Have you got a target you wish to meet?.
  • If so, what is it, and how long have you given yourself to reach it?
  • What factors are influencing your decision to lose weight?
  • If you choose a quick way to lose weight is it going to be a long term solution to the problem?
  • How much are you prepared to change your lifestyle in order to achieve your goals?

When you have answered these questions, honestly and completely, then you need to look at a method of losing weight you can feel comfortable with. Remember there is no one solution for everybody. Different methods suit different people. While diet pills may work for some people they do not work for others.

While exercise programs can be implemented immediately for some people, other people will have to reduce their weight, using different methods FIRST, before attempting any exercise at all.

The main thing is to be SENSIBLE about the choices you make, and make sure that, just because there are quick ways to lose weight, you are not choosing them out of an anxious need to be slim fast. One of the big things is to stick with any program you are using until you get results, provided of course that there are not too many adverse, or unhealthy side effects.

Quick Weight Loss Diets

Any diet professing to be able to produce rapid weight reduction is what is known a quick weight loss diet. Of course, to someone attempting to lose weight, this is the ultimate dream come true, but only if it works, meaning you get the results you want, and it is safe. There are a large variety of ways to lose weight, some of them producing quicker results than others. However, a lot of them are not recommended or safe.

Quick weight loss diets have become increasingly popular, mainly because of the mis-conception in regard to what you actually have to DO, in order to get your results. A strange thing about the human mind is that it has a strong tendency to think along lines which are convenient, and an equally strong tendency to shy away from thinking about more difficult alternatives. The example used here is the concept of speed.

When we think of a concept such as “quick weight loss”, for some reason our minds tend to introduce the idea of “EASY” weight loss. Unfortunately this could not be further from the truth. Most of the 'quick' methods are dangerous. Of the quick methods which are safe, the vast majority of them are far from easy. So, you can see how 'quick' rapidly gets converted to 'easy', due to something called 'preferential thinking' and why this type of thinking should be avoided.

Examples of quick weight loss diets can be readily found, but as already stated, they MUST produce results and be safe. There is absolutely no point acting out of sheer desparation and just buying into whatever you think is going to shed weight fast.

Quick fixes, like pills, are especially dangerous. Not only are they highly addictive, but long term problems can be created very fast. Conditions such as insomnia, 'the shakes', irritability, mood disorders and headaches can all develop practically overnight. The other aspect, relating to quick fixes, is that one can easily become whats called a 'weight loss junkie'. You can easily become addicted to using quick fixes, to remedy short term, what is essentially a long term problem.

The art of maintaining steady weight, once you have reduced your body down to whatever your goal is, has been described as a never ending mission. That is because it is. For those persons who have ever had a weight problem and succeeded in getting it under control, there should exist a natural awareness of the need to not let it get out of hand again. The pain, agony and suffering endured, in order to bring it under control, in the first place should serve as a solid reminder, of why one needs to be ever vigilant, in regard to increasing body weight.

Another thing to remember is the need to keep one's perspective grounded in reality. It is not realistic to expect to be able to reverse, say, ten years of weight gain in just a matter of a few days, weeks or even months. Not if you want to do it permanently and certainly not if you want to be healthy at the end of it.


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