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Quit Drinking And Regain Your Freedom Back

Updated on June 28, 2013

Everyone loves to live the life of freedom. We all have our freedom here in the United States of America and I know I love this Country, as we all do.

Freedom to do as we please, of course legally. Freedom to speak what we feel is right or wrong and freedom to make our own minds up whether to use and abuse or keep clean and sober.

For the alcoholic, how would it feel if you quit drinking and regain your freedom back again? For many that are addicted, deep down inside of them they want to be free of their addiction, but they don't have any idea just how to start the process.

The drug addicts and alcoholics know that they are doing wrong and that every time they use they are very aware of the harm they are causing their bodies. I was one that knew what the consequences would be in my future if I continued on the path that I was going.

People are far from stupid when it comes to this, but they continue to self destruct them self. Once the addiction takes over our bodies it's like being a prisoner in our own body. We are the prisoners of our demons and our own addiction.

How did we get here? The only answer is, we brought ourselves to this place of pour hell and now we have to figure out how to escape from our self made prison. No one forced us to this place in our life, we did it all on our own.

Why has this happen? The answer is pure and simple. We didn't have the willpower to just say the word "NO". We might of started on this path all do to peer pressure at a young age, or maybe we thought of experimenting with the drug of choice. Those people that that did these experiments, such as myself either liked it or hated it from the get go.

Can you remember? Wow, this stuff is great, give more of that magic. I feel like a million bucks on this.

And so the story begins. Yes,we love the feeling of being high or drunk and we continue on and on as the drug or the alcohol gets very comfortable in our systems. So comfortable that now it doesn't want to leave us and now we are on our merry way to being addicted.

I always looked down at the people that didn't drink and party like there was no tomorrow and thought they were weird. Looking back at those days and being clean and sober myself now, I now realize that I was the weird one, not them. They were the smarter of the two.

If you really want to start a new life and quit drinking alcohol then the first and most important thing is to just admit to yourself that you indeed have an addiction and that you want to surrender to your inner demons.

We must get out of the denial we have lived in for so long and ask for the help that you will need to help yourself. You must want to help yourself, before asking other people for their help.

There are so many rehabilation treatment centers all of the world and if you think you can't do this on your own, don't be embarrassed, just ask for HELP.

 You have to believe that you can overcome this addiction.  Stay Strong and Positive.  Believe in yourself.  Ask for the help that's needed to get your life back.



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