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Quit Smoking And The Bad Breath Will Go Away

Updated on March 20, 2014

Quit Smoking Because Your Breath Stinks

Something that makes smoking very ugly is because it is a big factor in causing bad breath along with several dental problems. That alone should be enough to get you to quit smoking. Doctors and Dentists will give you several reasons as to why smoking causes you to have problems with your teeth and stinky breath. of course just like anything else you can find things that will do a quick fix but not last long. the best fix you could get for yourself is the fix to quit smoking.

Once again the chemicals in a cigarette are coming out to show us how nasty they are. We are now being told that the chemicals are a big reason for the bad breath we get from smoking. The chemicals make a mad dash for your mouth and eventually build up. Of course you also have tar and nicotine that start to build up on your teeth. no place inside the mouth is immune. these chemicals are being found on the teeth, gums, tongue and even stuck to the inside of the cheeks. guess what you start getting this crap spreading and now you have smokers breath and boy in many cases it can be nasty.

Another biggie when it comes to chemicals from smoking and why you should quit smoking is because of the chemicals you get a great amount of bacteria growing in your mouth. As you continue to put in the chemicals the bacteria continues to grow in nooks and crannies that even a toothbrush doesn't always find. Once they are there they stay in those certain places and are allowed to build and be happy.

Smoking does a wonderful job of drying out your mouth which in turn causes some serious bad breath. The problem is we really don't want our mouth dried out. It ends up the saliva doesn't flow properly which in turn doesn't clean the mouth with any consistency. So now that the mouth isn't getting cleaned the bacteria ends up starting to grow. of course since no saliva is moving no bacteria gets cleaned out. Then of course there is yellowing of the teeth and cavities that are caused form the same thing. Wouldn't it just be easier to quit smoking?

I know some of this sounds scientific but really if you think about it we are really just dealing with common sense. When you smoke the temperature inside your mouth gets raised. With the temperature getting too high oral tissues tend to get damaged and even die in some cases. When they are gone there isn't a lot left to protect the mouth. if the mouth isn't protected there is another way the bacteria gets a chance to grow. if this is allowed to continue at some point you may even experience more serious issues than just bad breath. It really is time to quit smoking.

Then we get into more serious issues that could and are usually caused from smoking. There is gum disease and oral cancer. As a smoker you are just setting yourself up for some very serious long term problems. tobacco that makes its way into the system makes the immune system work a lot less harder. On top of that it seems the blood vessels aren't interested in growing any longer. both of these are major contributors into gum disease and oral cancer.

A lot of smokers will use certain types of gum to mask their bad breath they get from the dreaded smoke. This does even out the smells but causes bacteria to start forming on your tongue from the cigarettes. the thing is this gum that they use is not cheap and only works for one smoke and then the bad breath comes back after the next smoke. the odor may be masked but the bacteria still moves into place and the chemicals still stick to everything inside the mouth. There are many quick fix situations for smokers but absolutely none of them are built to have any long term benefits. they are just for short term like a wedding or something.

Of course we all know the best way to avoid any of what we have been talking about is to just quit smoking. once you do this you will notice any problems in your mouth starting to reverse themselves. Once again the saliva can move around in your mouth. With the saliva moving the bacteria will be getting moved and cleaned off from the inside of your mouth. Now the real fun stuff starts. blood vessels and tissue cells will begin to heal themselves. Any nutrients that were killed by the bacteria will will get the chance to repair itself and build itself back up. Your mouth will once again be fighting back instead of dying.

It wont take long for stuff like nicotine and tar to be washed away out of your mouth. When this happens there is nowhere for bacteria to stay in the mouth. Without the bacteria less bad breath is caused. When you quit smoking your mouth will rather quickly start healing. Anything that is damaged in most cases will be fixed. Not only will this help in stopping bad breath but things like stains on teeth, gum disease and oral cancer are much less likely to happen.

The day you decide to quit smoking will be one of the best days of your life. Your health will take a turn for the best when you decide to quit smoking. If you want to get rid of bad breath or smokers breath then you need to be focused and take that step to quit smoking.

You know it is time to quit smoking but you just do not have the guts. maybe you just need a little shove.

At the end of the day you have to want to quit. I hope I can be helpful in you achieving that want.


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    • profile image

      Tome 7 months ago

      Thats the best advice I have ever read, thank you so much, I am into my 3rd day of quiting and from 30 smokes a day i droped to 3 a day, thank you.

    • profile image

      Ya right 6 years ago

      Those who judge without the facts. Idiots.

    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 7 years ago from London, UK

      Great hub and great advice. I wish everybody will listen, especially the young one who start smoking. The idiots.