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Quit Smoking Cold Turkey

Updated on September 4, 2012

Quit smoking the easy way


Why Pay to Quit Smoking?

Its been nearly a decade since that one last smelly cigarette. A decade of a new life without that one smelly cigarette in my hand. You know that nasty stench of crusty steel smoke on your clothes,hair, and fingers. Those cigarettes took advantage of my life for over 12 years. The smelliest thing about it wasn't the cigarette, but more like the association of it with everything else that I liked to do. In fact, everything in my life was based around that one smelly cigarette. Yes, did I say that word "smelly," again. Why do I keep using that word "smelly" over and over again? If you are a smoker then you probably would agree that they sure are "smelly."

Lets say I can help you quit smoking by using the single word "smelly." Would you be interested to try something and see if it really does work? This is absolutely free advise that can help anyone quit smoking cold turkey and feel less pain of withdraw guaranteed. So lets get started! Ask yourself the following questions and answer them one by one?

  • Do you like the smell of the cigarettes?
  • Do you like hacking all the time?
  • Are you embarrassed being around people who don't smoke?
  • Do you associate Your cigarette with other things that you like to do?
  • Have you tried to quit smoking before?

I must be Psychic! Here are your answers:

  • Do you like the smell of the cigarettes? No
  • Do you like hacking all the time? No
  • Are you embarrassed being around people who don't smoke? Yes
  • Do you associate Your cigarette with other things that you like to do? Yes
  • Have you tried to quit smoking before? Yes

So lets get back to the word smelly again. Its such a meaningful word, that even when you finish reading my article you will probably go and take a shower. Darn, I hate them smelly cigarettes. Are you tired of hearing that word over and over again? So lets start telling your mind that cigarettes are smelly over and over again. How do you feel about it now? Do you hate doing certain chores at home? Do you hate cleaning the toilets and the showers in your bathrooms. Why do you hate cleaning your bathrooms so bad? There must be a reason for why you hate cleaning the toilets so bad. So in your mind you hate cleaning the toilets to the point of which it disgusts you. Now, lets do the same thing for cigarettes. Lets just show the world how much they disgust you:

Why Cigarettes disgust you?

1) My fingers are stained yellow

2) I hack and cough and hope to not spit up green or brown flem everywhere

3) My windows are yellow and my white painted walls in my home are now yellow

4) I can't walk from my front door to the mailbox without wheezing

Your doing good. But we are missing so many steps to this process that we must first go through before we get completely disgusted with cigarettes. I mean, why would we be disgusted with them anyway. So lets Quit Smoking Now:

What does "now" mean anyway? You know exactly what it means. Don't procrastinate anymore, you've been doing that all your life. Motivate yourself and do this now. Lets work together and do this by steps. If you want it by steps then lets just do baby steps.

1) Pick up your pack of cigarettes now and rip them up. Don't wait for the last cigarette in the pack to quit. Remember, you want to quit so do it now. It makes it less painful on you in the long run if you just listen to what I am saying.

2) Go and scrub your fingers down with soap and water and remove every last bit of that nicotine from your finger nails and between your fingers.

3) Throw all of your stenchy, stinky clothes in the wash

4) Start hacking on your own as a token of the memory of what those cigarettes did to you for the last 20 years. Now, you can feel the disgust with them.

Oh, but I make it sound so simple and easy and for most people its not. Quit Whining and do it. Its your last chance to say you quit moron. You won't ever be able to quit again so don't screw it up.

The Positive things to do now that you have quit smoking

Congratulations! You did it! You have now completed the hardest step to quitting smoking. And now I must give you some tips to make it easier for you while going through withdraw. In the beginning of my article, I talked about the cigarettes taking advantage of the various things you like to do. Most people associate there cigarettes with Coffee, Alcohol or certain breaks throughout there workday. Most people who try to quit smoking never succeed because of the association of the cigarette to there daily habits. So lets think about that for one second. Why would you give up the things that you like to do because of that cigarette? Glad you asked it, because you don't have a good answer. This is key to quitting smoking cold turkey. You must continue to do the things that you like to do as if you never gave them up. Drink your coffee and alcohol. Take your daily breaks at work and most important laugh at the cigarettes that you used to smoke. The more grossed out you are with those cigarettes, the easier the withdraw will be to get over.

3 Days of Hell After Quitting

Please spare me the 3 days of hell as if you were in war or something. When you go to war and see what our soldiers see then you come and talk to me about hell. Did you make it through the 3 days easier now that you learned how to hate the cigarettes? I guarantee you did. Its all mental and you were wise enough to realize it and you are also so proud of yourself. Its an accomplishment and you deserve a medal.

The After Affects of Quitting Smoking

Now you are probably wondering what you will be faced with next since you have quit smoking. You will experience excessive hunger, some dry eye irritation and scratchy throat and a little more coughing. This is a natural reaction of your body cleaning up the many years of smoking that you have forced upon your health. The good news is that you have reduced the risk of heart disease by 50% already. You will want to start exercising immediately and watch your junk food intake. Because you have smoked for so many years, your taste buds have forgotten how good those candybars and cakes are. So be careful and watch your weight. Its a new day and great new start to your new life smoke free. Good luck on journey!


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    • miamibankruptcy profile image

      miamibankruptcy 5 years ago from North Miami Beach Florida

      This is funny I LOVE Cigarettes: only that page is about reasons why people love cigarettes; the rest of the site tells you how to quit smoking. Do you know anyone who ever tried ecigarettes to quit? I'd like to know if that works.

    • Denise Handlon profile image

      Denise Handlon 6 years ago from North Carolina

      I never smoked a 'pack' or a half a pack, but I did pick up the habit-first as a social thing in get togethers b/c many of my hang out friends smoked. Then, as a crutch when I was 'nervous'. My kids (yes, my teenagers) warned me that I was going to get hooked and I denied it all. But, I eventually was hooked. Had to have just one...

      Well, I didn't quit cold turkey either, but what I did was I inquired into why I needed it. It usually was b/c I was feeling an emotion that I didn't want to experience and therefore I would distract myself by smoking.

      when I finally allowed for the emotions I found I didn't want the cig after that. In fact, the 'ashtray' smell and taste in my mouth was quite repulsive.

      I kicked the habit within two weeks of starting my inquiry and opening up to the experiences. Good points in your hub.

    • profile image

      Em 6 years ago

      I've quoit one month and 3 weeks cold turkey! An amazing proud feeling!!!

    • Apostle Jack profile image

      Apostle Jack 6 years ago from Atlanta Ga

      I use to smoke ,but i didn't quit cold turkey,i did it by process of putting space between the times i smoke.I went from one pack to one cigarette a day,then,i quit altogether.It was like going through a war zone,but i came out smelling like a rose.

      I hope that your hub on this matter inspire a lot of people to take a second look.You said it very well my friend. Keep inspiring,there is always at lease one that will hear and it only takes one make a difference.

      I voted up,and very useful.

    • Wendy Krick profile image

      Wendy Krick 7 years ago from Maryland

      I quit cold turkey 20 years ago. Great hub.

    • sid_candid profile image

      sid_candid 7 years ago

      Nice and informative hub on an important topic.