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Quotes of a Master 13

Updated on November 12, 2019
Ericdierker profile image

Quotes are easy living them is tough. Dierker is an expert. More published quotes than anyone on the internet.


I don't think he cares about a word I say.
I don't think he cares about a word I say. | Source

Come on Now!

We do this series to bring on serious contemplation. In no way is it intended to teach or instruct. We find it highly offensive to tell another what to think. And we find it fulfilling to show some insights into what they already know. Maybe just a sneak peek into how our minds work and that we are not so different in silent contemplation. Of course I cannot speak to those who do not contemplate.

Oh you will say, what a waste of time. I tracked ants for thirty minutes today. I was trying to figure out their unique highway systems. They actually build a highway or two. Some one way and others two way. Two way are larger and allow for passing and the one ways are like superfast. I wonder why the ones carrying back to the nest/hill use the two way. But it seems their heavy load slows down traffic.

Do our heavy loads slow down our traffic of mind? And is that good or bad?

The way ain’t sunny but don’t you fret, cheer up honey we will get there yet. *don’t know who wrote that.

A burden worth carrying is not burden at all.

I once lost my mind and was kind of bummed out when I found it again.

She loves me and I just know it. I wish she could show it.

Small people are sometimes children, but too often adults who will not grow up.

Somehow I cannot grow up anymore I just grow out.

Apathy is a sign of lack of growth. Growth is the sign of lack of apathy.

We sometimes feel stagnant and then we realize that stagnation may help us grow.

Growing hurts, and peace feels good so what of peaceful growing.

He fell down and scraped his knee and then got up to more than he could be.

Some would say that love is fulfillment but they missed it, fulfillment is love.

Water runs downhill. I get gravity. But I do better running on level ground.

The moon has phases and the oceans tides, boy are we in for wild rides.

My son grew another inch it made him sad to be growing up. He is so happy where he is.

Do not forsake me coveted one our battle here not yet done.

Nice and Rough

Flash Flood Trapping us For A Day

We do country hard and rough.
We do country hard and rough. | Source

Don't Mess with Happy

So we have a blast with these quotes. But the problem is they tire my brain. Way too much thinking going on. So I went out to garden. Wonderful day. Relax the brain. Stretch the body and then I danged well found myself concentrating on relaxing. Now that is messed up. Music, that would do the trick but I got bored. That is seriously messed up. So I went to the kitchen to cook a meal. And I walked right out not wanting to ruin that deal.

So back here I am with pen in hand trying to say things that I might understand.

Wisdom is an occurrence not an achievement.

Smart does not come with age or rage, it comes with patience.

Patience is not part of wisdom it is a byproduct of it.

To be or not to be is really not an option.

I know the reason but fish swim up streams. Just a tough life it does seem. Must I?

Sitting silent is hard to do, but that must be what is true for me and you.

Mom said “Be seen and not heard”, keeps you out of trouble with the heard.

So some of these came out in a sort of rhyme. I wonder about that. I do not intend it. The words just flow that way sometimes. My young son is in a Christian program so some say indoctrination. I simply respond that it is better than being in a gang. Or maybe the Christians are a gang. Cool.

My wife told me to “stop it”, I asked her what “it” was. If looks could kill.

Why do youngsters look pleased when they do something wrong and are caught?

Remorse is a strange word it seems it is reserved when someone knew what they were doing was wrong.

I do not like to admit when I am wrong, but it is wronger not to admit it.

Why do we condemn four letter words, seems like “but” should be condemned.

My ex-wife told me that I was a lousy husband but a great dad. I cannot wrap my head around that.

I had an epiphany. I just cannot remember what it was.

Someone said “preaching to the choir was not good form. Seems like them singing to me is.

Perhaps religion is a two-way street. Sounds like gridlock to me.

I have truly travelled the world. One thing I learned is that I like people with just a first name.

If I could turn back time, I would sell it to you and run away.


This Old Boy is Not a Be Good

I Ain't Got No Finish

We laugh and love and giggle and smile. No! We really do. It is so right on. I did my downtown weekly walk today. Pocket full of quarters for beggars. Smiles and asking people directions I did not need. I met some Amish getting onto the train. And I met a Superior court judge I knew 30 years ago. Pigeons and kids in the parks. I gave my quarters away and put a skip in my step. I love my canyons and nature parks but people revitalize us if we just offer that smile and some real caring.

It cannot be wrong if it is truly in love.

We cannot go wrong if we truly act in love.

I have fallen so hard that only love could pick me up, and I will be damned it did.

Love seems to get broken, but it is only the glasses that we view it through that get busted up.

I was sitting around contemplating about how often we could love. Endless I reckon.

We see what we want to most of the time, let us choose to see love.

My dad was my best friend. My son says I am his. Nothing in my control here.

Wives are wonderful. I never want to be without one, even if she is an ex-wife.

Some say you cannot pick family but you can pick your friends, what a load of crap.

I just climbed a great mountain and never left my chair.

We do not choose our battles, they choose us and we better do right by it.

Love blows in the wind and wind is only air so we best breathe it in.

I like to count. Isn’t that silly. What is there to count, really? Shut up, I just like it.

I am looking forward to being rich again. But I am confused as to what that means now.


Brighten the other, their light will be part of yours.

Say hello.

Return shopping carts and pick up garbage when you see it.

Tip your hat to ladies, even if you are not wearing one.

Salute all service people.

Take the time to stoop down to say hello to children.

Sing aloud so someone else can either laugh or love it.

Fart loud in front of a young one, they will laugh too hard.


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