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Updated on September 20, 2009


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Where does our strength really lie?And no one takes our place!Even a rose blossoms.  What's with us?Reach, really reach!  Nothing to lose, everything to gain!It's gotta be more than a statueAnybody can be this guy!Together, we are a powerful group, MEN!
Where does our strength really lie?
Where does our strength really lie?
And no one takes our place!
And no one takes our place!
Even a rose blossoms.  What's with us?
Even a rose blossoms. What's with us?
Reach, really reach!  Nothing to lose, everything to gain!
Reach, really reach! Nothing to lose, everything to gain!
It's gotta be more than a statue
It's gotta be more than a statue
Anybody can be this guy!
Anybody can be this guy!
Together, we are a powerful group, MEN!
Together, we are a powerful group, MEN!

Stepping Up To Our Anger

To begin with, let's take a quick look at the word, homophobic. This word is made up of two Greek words, homos and phobias Homos meaning same and phobias meaning what are you afraid of. The word literally means FEAR OF MY OWN KIND. Wow! Isn't that interesting?

So we use this word in reference to sexual orientation. And if the meaning of the word is a fear of our own kind, it is really sad that we are afraid of other men, just because of their sexual orientation. No wonder we allowed our brothers to die of AIDS for such a long time.

But I'm beginning to wonder if the word, homophobia, can be applied to a much broader spectrum than sexual orientation. In fact, I am wondering if homophobia is what keeps us real men from getting angry about a great many things that one would expect us to be very angry about. Because if we were to become angry, we would have to be very angry with our own kind, with other MEN.

I'm beginning to wonder if we are afraid of our own kind in political leadership, in financial leadership, in spiritual leadership, in ancestral leadership. Our fear is so huge that we hold our anger in. What anger?

Our anger about our sons and daughters being slaughtered in war. Our anger about our tax dollars being spent for all kinds of "things" that we wouldn't invest in ourselves if we were as wealthy as the Federal or State Government. Our anger about simple things, like the high school prom being held at a luxury hotel one hundred miles from home. How can we say we are concerned about teenage alcohol and drug use and teenage pregnancy and then promote this annual event? Our anger about large corporations ripping us off JUST BECAUSE THEY CAN. Our anger about churches abusing us left and right and having the nerve to pass the collection plate one more time. Our anger about our neighborhoods being ruled by generational gangs who control not only the neighborhood but the prisons. Anger about our parents and grandparents being treated as brainless just because they have a diagnosis of Alheimers or dimentia. Anger about social injustice, anger about the bank charging you fees, money you don't have, precisely because you don't have money on a given day. Anger about the inflexibility of any power structure because there is a fear on the part of one man or several men of losing control. Anger about the current housing debaukle, anger about the games that food corporations play to try to convince us that something is on sale that was actually fifty cents less just last week. Anger about the price of gasoline.

Obviously, if we begin to think about it ALL, there are a great many things that, as men, we could allow ourselves to be angry about. And this is not about VIOLENCE or starting a revolutionary war. It is simply about feeling our anger and SPEAKING OUT and speaking out in UNISON, with POWER.

We can get bogged down in dividing every thing we are angry about into political or philosophical differences. But we do not have to do that. We can support another person's anger, their standing up for themselves when they experience violation (see previous Hub), whether or not we agree with their opinions or insights. We can support each other welcoming our anger home, taking ownership of our anger and stepping up to our place as male leaders in the WORLD or UNIVERSE, if you will. And that's not to rule out feminine leadership. The male and female go together here, hand in hand.

In recent years, women have moved ahead of us in taking ownership of their anger and speaking out. We've got to catch up, not just for the sake of catching up. But there is something unique and powerful about male leadership.

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    • vrbmft profile image

      Vernon Bradley 8 years ago from Yucaipa, California

      Thanks for reading Palmerlarryray. I have really enjoyed blogging here and it's great when someone reads them!


    • palmerlarryray profile image

      Larry Ray Palmer 8 years ago from Macon, Missouri

      Excellent thoughts. I wasn't sure where it was headed in the first paragraph but I am glad I read through the whole thing.