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RV Toilet Paper

Updated on April 8, 2016

RV Toilet Paper offers toilet paper rolls of the highest quality for stocking in RV trailers and camper vans. Available in convenient travel-size packs of 2, 4 and 6 rolls, our toilet paper stocks are carefully chosen for their softness, price, eco-friendliness and the social responsibility of the brands that make them. The majority of the products we stock are made in the USA and you can rest assured about the hygiene and safety of the paper rolls.

What makes RV Toilet Paper different from others?

Biodegradable and clog-free: The toilet paper that we stock at RV Toilet Paper is usually hundred percent biodegradable. This ensures that your RV or camper toilet remains clog-free and the septic system and sewers function without a hiccup. The shorter the fibers of the paper pulp the more easily will the paper decompose once it enters the sewer system. Along with biodegradability, we also look for paper that is strong and soft at the same time.

Softness: We only stock the softest, premium quality toilet paper which is typically two ply. We do not keep low grade products that are coarse and scratchy to use, and contain some unpulped or unbleached paper. Most of our products are high to premium quality. We also keep luxurious quilted or textured toilet rolls made of finely pulped paper that is incredibly soft to use. The brands of RV toilet paper that we stock are known for striking an optimal balance between the strength and the softness of the paper.

Absorbency: You will find most of the brands of toilet paper we sell are high in absorbency and leave you with a fresh, super clean feeling. Absorbency is often compromised in lower grade brands when they try to achieve strength and softness at the same time. But our RV Toilet Paper stocks are sourced from high quality, highly absorbent paper that may or may not be recycled.

Recycled: Many of the products that you can buy at our store are made from recycled materials. This ensures a social responsibility and you can freely use the paper knowing that it has done the environment the least possible harm. We try to stock products made in the USA. You can rest easy knowing that the toilet paper you use in your campers and RV trailers have been made with compliance to strict hygiene standards.

Equip your camper van or RV trailer with RV toilet paper from our store and enjoy hygienic and fresh conditions daily. When you use our products, you can rest assured that you are using toilet paper that saves trees, is septic safe, makes a greener planet and is mostly made in the USA.

Note that when buying recycled toilet paper, look for high quality grades that match the specifications of virgin paper. Toilet paper should have shorter threads than facial wipes or face tissues, so that it disintegrates faster. It should also comply with international or US standards or guidelines for toilet paper manufacturing. When buying toilet paper, socially responsible citizens can also refer to the EPA guidelines for buying paper products with the consideration of post-consumer waste. Our RV toilet paper is sourced keeping these standards in mind.


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